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A separable fastening device is disclosed to support a medical device such as a catheter tube or the like to a limb of a patient. The device includes a first and a second strap member. The first strap member includes a flexible first strap section formed of a knitted textile material having upstandi ...

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A man-machine interface for use with industrial processes is disclosed having the capability of design and configuration of the interrelationship of components forming an overall industrial process. The man-machine interface further provides operator use, including process monitoring and control, as ...

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Disclosed is a vending system particularly adapted for a restaurant or retail sales outlet which includes a hand held portable data entry terminal having an operator addressable, programmable memory containing a repertoire or library of sales or menu items addressable by entering a product code. The ...

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An improved bar code reader unit. The bar code is hand-held and has improved focussing and illumination structure.

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Catheter introducing device for inserting a dilatation catheter into a guiding catheter having a flexible tubular member formed of a flexible material. The tubular member has a spiral cut extending longitudinally throughout the entire length of the tubular member. A pull member is secured to the tub ...

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A continuous vacuum drainage system for wound drainage. A base unit has apparatus responsive to releasable attachment thereto of a drain reservoir for evacuating the reservoir to a subatmospheric pressure in a predetermined range. The drain reservoir is continuously operable before, during and after ...

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A portable map display apparatus stores, in a memory, features of a plurality of points on a given map and features of routes connecting such points and, on receiving input signals concerning a given point of start and a given destination, sequentially displays, on an output device, the information ...

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A lung water computer system utilizing a single optical detection path. A single beam of visible (VIS) and infra-red (IR) radiation is chopped and filtered in at least two bandwidths centered on the absorption peaks of tracers such as indocyanine green (ICG) and deuterated water (DHO). The chopped, ...

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A ventilating and aspirating assembly comprising an aspirating catheter tube internally disposed within and coextensive with a surrounding flexible collapsible sterility preserving film envelope, a connector by which ventilating air is involuntarily delivered to and exhausted from the lungs of a med ...

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A transcutaneous infusion system comprises an implantable infusate injection port for conducting infusate from the port to an infusion site in the body. The port is supplied with infusate through a penetrable septum located directly under the skin. To infuse the patient, a flexible injection cannula ...