Cooke Michael Joseph: Combination mirror. Cooke Michael Joseph, January 15, 1986: GB2161440-A (197 worldwide citation)

A vehicle exterior, side, recoil or self return mounted, rear view mirror, embodying within its mirror housing body 6, components required for one or more of these additional functions, direction indicator, hazard warning, parking lamp, headlamp reflector. A lens 5 covering these components is impac ...

Hary Joseph: Electrical connector having means for retaining a coaxial cable.. Allied, January 15, 1986: EP0167738-A2 (133 worldwide citation)

A connector for retaining a cable end portion having a deformable outer covering comprises a locking sleeve, and a shell having a bore for receiving the cable and a plurality of longitudinal slots which define a plurality of angularly separated and radially deflectable fingers, each finger having V- ...

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Benzodiazepine analogs of the formula: are disclosed which are antagonists of cholecystokinin (CCK). h

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Arzneimittelhaltiges Trägersystem zur peroralen Anwendung in Form einer ultrafeinen Suspension von Lipidnanopellets bestehend aus Lipiden mit oberflächenaktiven Mitteln, deren Teilchendurchmesser 50-1'000 Nanometer, vorzugsweise 80-800 Nanometer beträgt, wobei das Verhältnis von Lipid zu grenzfläche ...


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An improved spectrometer for determining the presence and/or amount of a substance in a solution is disclosed. The improved spectrometer comprises means for correcting for interference caused by extraneous dark signals and stray light and means for separating and detecting the intensity of wavelengt ...



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Compounds of formula (I): or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt, a quaternised derivative or a pharmaceutically acceptable solvent thereof; wherein Y forms an optionally substitute phenyl ring; n is zero or one; R1 is H, C1-6 alkanoyl, C1-6 alkanesulphonyl, or optionally substituted arylsulphonyl, a ...