Bengt Gustavsson: Fluid transfer system. Holman & Stern, January 14, 1986: US04564054 (314 worldwide citation)

A device is disclosed for preventing air contamination when transferring a substance from one vessel to a second vessel. The device is attached or connectible to the vessel and comprises a first member, in which a puncturing member e.g. a needle, provided with a passage is enclosed. The first member ...

Richard R Guyette, Eddie T Hall, Allan S Meritt, Stephen R Newson, Casper A Scalzi, Glenn W Sears Jr: Partitioned multiprocessor programming system. International Business Machines Corporation, Bernard M Goldman, January 14, 1986: US04564903 (198 worldwide citation)

The disclosure provides a unique multiprocessing (MP) method for executing on plural CPUs of the MP a uniprocessor system (UPS) program not written to run on a MP system. Separate copies of the UPS are provided in the shared main storage (MS) of the MP. A hypervisor type of control program (called a ...

Thomas J Fogarty, Albert K Chin: Variable length dilatation catheter apparatus and method. Thomas J Fogarty, Limbach Limbach & Sutton, January 14, 1986: US04564014 (146 worldwide citation)

A dilatation catheter comprising an elongate elastomeric tube having a telescopic sheath received therearound to selectively expose varying lengths of tube or inflation. A wire extending through the tube provides for longitudinal stretching of the tube to reduce it diametrical cross-section. In one ...

James E Young: Battery performance control. Escutcheon Associates, January 14, 1986: US04564798 (135 worldwide citation)

A system for controlling a multi-cell battery having a first set of the cells thereof comprising an active partition adapted for connection to a load and a second set of the cells thereof not connected to the load and comprising a passive partition. Sensors in the cells monitor the temperature, vapo ...

Barry R M Barnett: Retaining clip. TRW United Carr, Daniel G Blackhurst, Sol L Goldstein, January 14, 1986: US04564163 (117 worldwide citation)

A clip for attaching an elongate element to a support comprising a body portion provided with a fastening member adapted to attach the clip to the support, the body portion providing a seat for the corrugated elongate element and having a flexible arm extending from one side thereof, a free end of t ...

Georg Borel: Double-layer fabric for paper machine screen. Hermann Wangner & Co KG, John J Torrente, January 14, 1986: US04564052 (116 worldwide citation)

A double-layer woven fabric comprising longitudinally extending warp wires and two layers of transversely extending weft wires, at least part of the warp wires being interwoven with weft wires of both weft layers and warp wires, separated by not more than one intermediate warp wire, extending pair-w ...

Simcha Z Pollack: Automated bathroom. Duffield & Lehrer, January 14, 1986: US04563780 (111 worldwide citation)

An automatic computer controlled bathroom includes a shower, bathtub, sink and toilet which can all be electronically controlled. The sink and shower include water temperature sensors and valves which direct the water to the drain if it is outside of a predetermined temperature range. The temperatur ...

Frank J Bolson: Hydro-light. Leonard Bloom, January 14, 1986: US04564889 (110 worldwide citation)

A hydroelectric illumination source powered by a small alternator designed to provide underwater illumination or in-stream illumination such as for a shower head, fountain, or swimming pool. The water pressure from a direct line or recirculation pump is used to drive a small armature that produces a ...

Yoshifumi Nishimoto: Variable-focal-length lens. Canon Kabushiki Kaisha, Fitzpatrick Cella Harper & Scinto, January 14, 1986: US04564267 (106 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a variable-focal-length lens whose focal length can be electrically controlled by applying an electric field of uniform intensity distribution to a compound lens including at least one lens formed of electrooptic crystal and varying the intensity of the applied electric field.

Loren D Albin: Fluorocarbon elastomer. Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company, Donald M Sell, James A Smith, William G Ewert, January 14, 1986: US04564662 (103 worldwide citation)

Peroxide-curable fluorocarbon elastomers having interpolymerized units derived from a cure site monomer containing bromine or iodine. The fluorocarbon elastomer gums are prepared by copolymerizing with the principal monomers normally used in preparing fluorocarbon elastomers, e.g. vinylidene fluorid ...