Thomas R Hoffend, Angelo J Barbetta: Toner compositions with ammonium sulfate charge enhancing additives. Xerox Corporation, E O Palazzo, December 24, 1985: US04560635 (289 worldwide citation)

Disclosed in the present application are toner compositions comprised of resin particles, pigment particles, and a sulfate charge enhancing additive selected from the group consisting of distearyl dimethyl ammonium methyl sulfate, and behenyl trimethyl ammonium methyl sulfate.

Roger W Dahl, David W Mayer: Catheter assembly. Cardiac Pacemakers, Orrin M Haugen, Thomas J Nikolai, December 24, 1985: US04559951 (280 worldwide citation)

A catheter assembly designed for long term or short term implantation in an animal body comprising a flexible tube of a biocompatible polymeric material in which plural electrical conductors are helically wound at a predetermined pitch with the conductors being laterally offset from one another and ...

Bela A Geczy: Thrust bearing assembly for a downhole drill motor. Smith International, Price Gess & Ubell, December 24, 1985: US04560014 (268 worldwide citation)

A bidirectional thrust bearing assembly is used between a downhole fluid motor and a rock bit for drilling oil wells. The bearing assembly has a stationary housing with radial journal bearing sleeves and a rotatable drive shaft also having radial bearing sleeves. A pair of oppositely facing thrust b ...

Steven Aoyama: Golf ball. Wilson Sporting Goods Co, December 24, 1985: US04560168 (261 worldwide citation)

A golf ball is provided with evenly and uniformly distributed dimples so that six great circle paths on the surface of the golf ball do not intersect any dimples. The spherical surface of the golf ball is divided into 20 identical spherical triangles corresponding to the faces of a regular icosahedr ...

Wei jen Kung, Paul O Vogelhut: Polymer catalyst transducers. Miles Laboratories, Roger N Coe, December 24, 1985: US04560534 (257 worldwide citation)

Polymer-catalyst transducers are used for detecting one or more constituents in a sample. Changes in conductivity of the polymer-catalyst transducers as a result of electron density changes are measured to provide an indication of a particular constituent present in the sample. Such conductivity cha ...

Julius G Hammerslag: Method for repairing stenotic vessels. Newton H Lee Jr, December 24, 1985: US04560374 (196 worldwide citation)

A synthetic liner is inserted into a blood vessel in the region of a treated stenosis. The liner is composed of a material resistant to the deposition of the fatty matter from the blood so that the build up of a new obstruction to blood flow is inhibited. The liner is tapered to generally conform to ...

Paul E Baker: Serum-free cell culture medium and process for making same. Immunex Corporation, Christensen O Connor Johnson & Kindness, December 24, 1985: US04560655 (182 worldwide citation)

A defined serum-free medium that is capable of growing a wide range of suspension and monolayer cells includes a serum substitute composed of fetuin, transferrin, phosphatidylcholine, e.g., 1-oleoyl-2-palmitoyl-phosphatidylcholine, linoleic acid and cholesterol. The medium also includes various inor ...

Junichi Hamano: Image displaying method in a card game machine. Takasago Electric, Jordan and Hamburg, December 24, 1985: US04560161 (145 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a card game machine wherein a game player plays a card game such as poker or the like on a CRT image displaying screen while operating keys. For instance, in the conventional poker game machine, only five cards selected in the machine are displayed on the screen, whi ...

Syuichi Takayama: Endoscope apparatus with motor-driven bending mechanism. Olympus Optical, December 24, 1985: US04559928 (144 worldwide citation)

An endoscope is disclosed which comprises: an insertion section having a flexible tube which is inserted into a body cavity and deflected or bent in the desired direction and a distal end portion coupled to the flexible tube; and a control section which is controlled by the operator such as a doctor ...

Heinz A Pieniak: Stable disposable absorbent structure. Personal Products Company, Martha A Michaels, December 24, 1985: US04560372 (143 worldwide citation)

A disposable absorbent product is provided in the form of a layered structure. A first fibrous layer of resilient fibers contains superabsorbent and is superposed on a layer of hydrophilic material. The layers are unpressed and slit followed by extrusion to open the slits to provide apertures. The s ...

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