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Kristalline schichtförmige Natriumsilikate der Zusammensetzung NaMSixO2x + 1ÿ H2O, wobei M Natrium oder Wasserstoff bedeutet und x eine Zahl von 1,9 bis 4 und y eine Zahl von 0 is 20 ist, werden verwendet zur Enthärtung von Wasser, das Calcium- und/oder Magnesium- Ionen enthält.

Shimizu Toshihide, Kaneko Ichiro, Shimakura Yoshiteru: A method for the polymerization of a vinylic monomer.. Shinetsu Chemical Co, December 18, 1985: EP0164883-A2 (99 worldwide citation)

The invention provides an efficient means for preventing deposition of polymer scale on the reactor walls in the so-called "water polymerization" of an ethylenically unsaturated monomer in an aqueous medium carried out without addition of any emulsifying agent or suspending agent. The inventive meth ...

Rosenberg Steven, Tekamp Olson Patricia: Enhanced yeast transcription employing hybrid promoter region constructs.. Chiron, December 18, 1985: EP0164556-A2 (98 worldwide citation)

Yeast promoters of glycolytic enzymes are modified by isolating a fragment encompassing the RNA polymerase binding site and joining to the 5' end of this fragment a DNA sequence providing for enhanced inducible or constitutive transcription of a structural gene. Constructs are prepared for efficient ...

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A speech synthesis system comprising input means for receiving frames of speech data, said frames of speech data comprising binary representations of speech-determinative data. Interpolation means are coupled to said input means for interpolating between adjacent frames of said speech data. Further ...

Olah George Andrew: Process for the preparation of methyl monohalides.. Olah George A, December 18, 1985: EP0164798-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

Methylmonohalides are produced by halogenating methane at a temperature of 100 to 300 DEG C in presence of a supported metal of group 8 as catalyst.

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Lubricant is preferably applied in an aqueous dispersion. To prevent coagulation of the solids in the aqueous dispersion on the one hand and to obtain a heat-resistant uniform lubricating film on the other hand, the high-temperature lubricant additionally contains, apart from a solid lubricant, an o ...

Anderson Alexander Barrie: Childs safety seats.. Ase, December 18, 1985: EP0164909-A2 (49 worldwide citation)

The seat has a frame (16) which extends between the floor (20) of a vehicle in which it is mounted and the backrest (14) of a seat (10) of the vehicle. A seat shell (34) is slidable on curved portions (22) of side rails (17) of the frame and can be secured in a desired position by engagement of a sp ...

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An electric arthroscopy knife for surgical operations upon and in joints, especially the knee, consists of an exposed electrically cutting metal surface (2) made of a burn-on alloy (1) for dental purposes, an electrically insulating ceramic material (3) for dental purposes burned on the burn-on allo ...

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Ein Beatmungssystem mit über ein Steuergerät steuerbaren positiven und negativen Beatmungsdrücken soll hinsichtlich seiner Anpassungsfähigkeit, insbesondere bei der Erzeugung hoher Impulsfolgefrequenzen oberhalb der natürlichen Atemfrequenz verbessert werden. Dabei ist ein Gasförderelement in Verbin ...

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The present invention relates to a pump module (14) for a powered air purifying respirator assembly including a facepiece (1) and a filter canister (32). The pump module (14) comprises a housing (15) having an air inlet (16) and an air outlet (17) and containing a fan (22) and motor (24). The pump m ...