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The present invention relates to cosmetic applicators comprising absorbent sheets impregnated with an oil-in-water emulsion incorporating various emollients which are particularly adapted for moisturizing wet skin surfaces.

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To permit accurate introduction of aerosols containing, for example, irritants or similar substances, into the pulmonary tract or airways of a patient, the breathing cycles of the patient are counted and, after a number of normal breathing cycles, and during a limited period of time in the inhalatio ...

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Apparatus for sequentially dispensing a plurality of solutions through an intravenous supply catheter includes a disposable tubing manifold that is connected to each of the solutions to be administered. Flow of solution through the branches of the tubing manifold is stopped by valves mounted upon a ...

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Particularly for diabetes therapy, it is desirable to continuously infuse insulin in different rates into the body of the patient, because the insulin requirements of the diabetic are subject to great fluctuations. Therefore, a control device serves as the program transmitter for a microdosing unit. ...

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Apparatus for scanning a document includes an array of light emitting diodes, or optical fibers, arranged across the width of the document and extending further than its edges, a corresponding array of photo-diodes, or fiber optics connected to photo-diodes, for providing analog intensity signals in ...

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A system for delivering a drug to a patient according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention is shown as being of modular construction including a control module and a reservoir module. The reservoir module is removably secured to the control module by a removable hinge member at one e ...

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Apparatus for intravenous therapy including hyperalimentation comprises a flexible closed-end catheter having a valve adjacent its proximal end. It is inserted through the skin of a patient and into a vein having a suitably large flow of blood therethrough. A removable internal stiffening member com ...

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An assembly for connecting needles and catheters in I.V. applications, chemical analysis, etc., includes a leak proof, sterile, self-sealing septum from which the needle is inserted. When the needle is retracted from the septum, the septum will reseal and thus maintain a leak-proof, sterile seal. Th ...

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Mineral oil (MO) polyisobutylene (PIB), colloidal silicon dioxide (CSD) mixtures suitable for use as drug containing matrices in transdermal delivery systems are disclosed. Preferred systems for dispensing moderately mineral oil soluble drugs contain at least about 6% CSD, have a MO/PIB of at least ...

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The passage of food through a stomach (S) is restricted by clamping an apparatus (10) around the stomach (S). The apparatus (10) comprises cooperating jaws (12, 14) having stomach engaging surfaces (22, 24). The stomach engaging surfaces (22, 24) define a relatively open area (26) which permits the ...