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During open-heart surgery an EEG (electroencephalograph) system detects a patient's brain waves, amplifies the brain wave signals and converts them into digital data. The cardiopulmonary bypass pump (heart-lung machine) is connected to blood flow and blood temperature transducers whose measurements, ...

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Disclosed is an electroacoustic transducer, such as a microphone, which may be integrated into a semiconductor chip and a method of fabrication. The semiconductor is etched to produce a membrane having a sufficiently small thickness and an area so as to vibrate at audio frequencies. Electrodes are p ...

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An interface and terminal are provided between data processing operations and the movement of an indicator member of stylus. The interface and terminal identifies the coordinates of the position of the stylus by the angles that a light beam reflected from the stylus makes with a reference and uses a ...

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A process for forming a copolymer of styrene and butadiene is disclosed including providing an aqueous phase comprising an aqueous mixture comprising water, styrene monomer, butadiene monomer, a suspension stabilizing agent, and a chain propogating amount of one or more free radical polymerization i ...

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A housing assembly for retaining components of an electronic engine control system is disclosed. Components include electrical and sensor elements mounted on printed circuit boards including heat producing elements on a first board and logic, memory and processor elements together with sensors on a ...

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Heavy or refractory oils are hydroprocessed in the presence of added water and added hydrogen sulfide with or without a slurry catalyst comprising molybdenum sulfide. The water and hydrogen sulfide may originate from the catalyst preparation procedure.

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Electrical connector comprising housing with two rows of cavities having latch arms which retain terminals received therein and wedge means received in interstices between latch arms of adjacent rows. Wedge means cannot be fully received in interstices unless terminals are fully seated in cavities.

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A mechanism for producing low density pad-like resilient cushioning dunnage product from sheet-like stock material, such as for instance paper, comprising a support for rotatably mounting a roll of sheet-like stock material in operative condition thereon, and projections on the support adapted for c ...

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A target plate is provided in the operating field of view of a microscopic operating system having a plurality of target patterns thereon. These target patterns include scaled rulings, to which an operating element of the system is aligned, and reflective portions for calibrating the optical element ...

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A tape product which bears a visible message which is changed when the tape is subjected to stress is adapted for use on containers and packages to indicate that the same container or package has been opened or the closure has been tampered with in an attempt to open the same. The message change is ...