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Local communication systems are available for various services, the telephone service being the main one for private branch exchanges. Distributed processors communicate via data buses. There is to a large extent still no clarification on the implementation or inclusion of wide-band services and the ...


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The disclosures relates to an atherectomy device having a generally cylindrical housing (12) formed of a relatively rigid material. The housing has rounded distal and proximal end portions. The housing is formed with a cut-out (14) extending longitudinally of the housing on one side of the housing. ...

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A vase comprises a frame member (12) and an outer sleeve (14) of generally truncated pyramidal form. A polyethylene bag (13) is retained in position between the frame member (12) and the outer sleeve (14). The frame member (12) comprises a pair of blanks (16) secured together by a rivet (21). The ou ...

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The stability of polypeptides, such as proinsulin, somatostatin and interferon, produced in microorganisms transformed by cloning vehicles containing a DNA sequence coding for the polypeptide, such that the polypeptide may be recovered as a product of the microorganism, is significantly improved by ...



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Anordnung zum Herstellen einer anatomisch angemessenen Endoprothese mit einem in dem sich erweiternden Ende eines Röhrenknochens zu verankernden Schaft, insbesondere einer im Oberschenkelknochen zu verankernden Hüftgelenk-Schaftprothese, unter Verwendung von massstabsgerechten Röntgenaufnahmen, eine ...


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A method and apparatus for wrapping a round hay bale 30 with impervious material e.g. plastics to envelop the hay in airtight relationship for the process of ensilage of hay fodder wherein the plastics is wrapped by rotating the hay bale around its horizontal and vertical axes simultaneously by a ro ...