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A prosthetic vertebral body for use in a cavity left by the removal of a defective vertebral body located between two adjoining healthy vertebral bodies is disclosed. A method of replacing the defective vertebral body with the disclosed prosthetic vertebral body is also disclosed. The prosthetic ver ...

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A graphic terminal is disclosed using bitmaps to represent plural overlapping displays. Graphics software is also disclosed in which the overlapping asynchronous windows or layers are manipulated by manipulating the bitmaps. With this software, the physical screen becomes several logical screens (la ...

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A gauge element for and a pressure sensor for sensing phenomena such as pressure and temperature comprising a substantially U-shaped unitary piezoresistive element formed from a silicon crystal. When employed for sensing pressure and temperature, resistor means are provided along with means for coup ...

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Guide wire and method for insertion and use of a catheter. The guide wire has a shaft of substantially smaller diameter than the luminal opening, with a flexible coil at one end of the shaft. The guide wire is inserted into the cardiovascular system, and the catheter is advanced along the guide wire ...

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Cementing compositions and methods of using such compositions in oil, gas and water well cementing operations to reduce fluid loss from the composition to the formation are disclosed. Such compositions incorporate certain copolymers and copolymer salts of N,N dimethylacrylamide and 2-acrylamido, 2-m ...

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A prosthetic device for the relief of high intraocular pressures associated with glaucoma is shown. The device includes a limp reservoir adapted to be worn against or within the eye wall, a conduit leading from the reservoir to the anterior chamber of the eye, and means for communicating the reservo ...

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An appliance for draining bodily wastes from the natural bladder of a patient, or from an artificial bladder, through a surgically-created stoma, includes a tube insertable into the bladder through the stoma, and an inflatable balloon enclosing a substantial portion of the length of the tube. The ba ...

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A sensor responsive display device includes a common display section for displaying various messages and/or warnings for a given period of time, and plural individual display sections, each corresponding to one of the messages and/or warnings displayed in the common display section.

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An automatic inspection system for inspecting holes in a mask including carriage means 30, illumination means 44, optical means 48, photosensitive detector means 46, and signal processing means 56. The mask 34 to be inspected is positioned by the carriage means in a horizontal plane. The optical mea ...

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Inhibition of cardiac arrhythmias such as tachycardia and fibrillation is achieved by determining a refractory period after a selected heartbeat during which a stimulus applied to the heart will not propagate a heart response, determining a time within the refractory period after the selected heartb ...