Maier Herwig Dipl Ing Dr, Schrofelbauer Herbert Dipl Ing, Filipot Hermann Dipl Ing: Process and device for the desulphurisation of flue gas from combustion plants.. Waagner Biro, November 21, 1985: EP0161497-A2 (90 worldwide citation)

For binding the pollutants in flue gases downstream of combustion plants, especially for flue gas desulphurisation, it is proposed to admix NaHCO3 and/or Na2CO3 as an additive to the flue gas cooled to about 120 DEG to 320 DEG C and to precipitate the resulting salt in a fabric filter. To facilitate ...


Scott Laura Janet: Radio direction finding for locating lightening ground strikes.. Electricity Council, November 21, 1985: EP0161940-A2 (59 worldwide citation)

A radio direction finding station for locating lightening strikes has three vertical antenna loops (10, 11, 12) in an equiangular trigonal arrangement. The vertical loops are positioned to minimise magnetic coupling between them and with a fourth horizontal loop (14). Filters (25-28) pass only signa ...


Kiewit David A, Lu Daozheng: Program identification system.. Nielsen A C Co, November 21, 1985: EP0161512-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

A system for identifying programs such as television programs received from various sources detects the occurrence of predetermined events such as scene changes in a video signal and extracts a signature from the video signal. The signatures and the times of occurrence of the signatures are stored a ...

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An alcohol such as methanol is reacted with carbon monoxide in a liquid reaction medium containing a rhodium catalyst stabilized with an iodide salt, especially lithium iodide, along with alkyl iodide such as methyl iodide and alkyl acetate such as methyl acetate in specified proportions. With a fin ...



Maurer Max: Cable crane.. Baco Seilbahnen Und Aufzuge, November 21, 1985: EP0161437-A2 (46 worldwide citation)

1. Guy derrick, in which a travelling gear (6) supported on a main cable (1) and displaceable on rollers (7) is connected to a traction cable (8) and a return cable (9) and the two cables (8, 9) can be driven by the driving station (2), the traction cable (8) being guided in the travelling gear (6) ...