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An interactive restaurant communication system (10) provides integrated food and entertainment processing which enables restaurant patrons to obtain menus for individual food selection on a video monitor (56) at their tables, individually enter their orders into a table station "intelligent" termina ...

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A method for the potentiometric determination of a dextran solution is provided wherein the dextran is enzymatically hydrolyzed to glucose, the glucose is oxidized to form hydrogen peroxide and the hydrogen peroxide is measured utilizing a redox electrode. A novel electrode having a plurality of enz ...

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Abstract of the Disclosure Oil is recovered from tar sands by causing a gas,heated to a temperature within the range from 300�C to 600�C,to flow downward through an enclosed mass of tar sands tocause an oil fraction to separate from the mass by gravi-tational flow and the separated oil fraction is r ...

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A family of removable switch electrocautery instruments is provided by springably releasably mounting a switch means to an instrument provided with a conductive member adapted to come into contact with living tissue and a handle member. The handle member may be formed of conductive material covered ...

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Greater product yield and quality and continuous upgrading of shale oil with hydrogen-rich, purge mode off gases is attained by pulsing in situ retorts at different phases and intervals. In the process, flow of feed gases to the flame fronts of underground retorts are sequentially stopped and purged ...

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A system for accepting documents and handling the data contained therein includes a reader and digitizer for producing and storing fragmented or digitized images simulating the characters and graphics on the document. Each document is marked with a unique identifying code. Selected portions of the d ...

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An introducing catheter for use in placing a large guidewire after a small guidewire is in position. The catheter has a tapered distal tip, decreased lumen size at the distal end, a side port and a ramp disposed within the tube at the distal end of the side port. The ramp is inclined distally toward ...

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In a exemplary embodiment, a battery conditioning system monitors battery conditioning and includes a memory for storing data based thereon; for example, data may be stored representative of available battery capacity as measured during a deep discharge cycle. With a microprocessor monitoring batter ...

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A cartridge housing contains a semi-conductor or memory for storing digital information which may be accessed by an external device for display on a screen. The cartridge includes a counting circuit for counting the number of times the cartridge is used and a display for exhibiting the count.

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A video game having a controller for player selection of movement of a plurality of game objects, and for controlling the rate of movement of the selected game objects.