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Apparatus for assisting in removal of meat from a rib cage, the apparatus including support means (12) for engaging and supporting the rib cage, and gripping means (16) for gripping a marginal portion of meat, the support means and gripping means being movable relative to one another between a first ...

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Composition for strengthening hair and for imparting a permanent configuration thereto comprising an alkyltrialkoxysilane and a solvent.

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A process for the incorporation of foreign DNA into the genome of monocotyledonous plants with bacteria, which are provided with one or more tumour-inducing plasmides or derivatives thereof, initially originating from Agrobacterium, or of bacteria which have the T-DNA, originating from the above-mea ...

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A compressible pharmaceutical composition is disclosed comprising an interactive ingredient such as codeine, a compound such as polyvinylpyrrolidone which acts as a binder and a filler such as lactose. The composition is granulated and can thereafter be dry blended with other active ingredients such ...

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Various vertical-channel MOS-gated power semiconductor devices attain a high current capacity through minimization of various lateral distances within the devices and also attain essentially minimum cell size. Processes for fabricating these devices employ a first mask to define both the location of ...

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1. Chip card system with chip cards for use as a money substitute, as an identity card or as a storage medium, with which a single chip card (1) can be used successfully for different application cases, with which different areas of money (11 , 12 ... 1n ), integrated into the chip, or of a function ...

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This invention provides methods for the detection of a target genetic material having a desired base sequence or gene. Also disclosed are methods for the detection of mutations. Also provided are components for use in such methods. The methods are based upon techniques which utilize two labeled sing ...



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A light absorbing medium to be interposed under photosensitive layers, such as a photo-resist for integrated circuit "chips" to eliminate defects caused by reflected light, has a polymer vehicle which can penetrate into small depressions of a substrate and form a thin, smooth and uniform coating. Th ...