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A touch sensitive control device translates touch location into output signals. The device includes a substrate which supports first and second interleaved, closely spaced, nonoverlapping arrays of conductive plates. The plates are aligned in rows and columns so that edges of each plate of one array ...

Alan J Levy: Segmented polyurethane surgical buttressing pledgets. Ethicon, Charles J Metz, October 29, 1985: US04549545 (248 worldwide citation)

A surgical buttressing pledget for use with a suture wherein the pledget comprises a mat of continuous microfibers, wherein said microfibers consist essentially of a segmented urethane polymer.

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Utilizing air, rather than oxygen, to convert coal to synthesis gas containing very high proportions of inert nitrogen; subjecting this entire gas, possibly with intermediate cleanup, e.g., sulfur removal, to conversion over a special metal-zeolite catalyst to produce a product comprising C.sub.5 to ...

LeRoy E Groshong, Ronald J Brawn: Valved two-way catheter. Catheter Technology Corporation, Klarquist Sparkman Campbell Leigh & Whinston, October 29, 1985: US04549879 (181 worldwide citation)

Catheter of soft, flexible material is formed with closed end. Fluid opening formed by single slit through tubing wall of such length that valve will open only upon application of predetermined pressure differentials. Removable stiffener member is positioned in catheter, abutting closed end to push ...

Walter J Guinon, Richard H Lamb Jr: Spread spectrum adaptive code tracker. Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Weingarten Schurgin Gagnebin & Hayes, October 29, 1985: US04550414 (158 worldwide citation)

A pseudo-noise code-tracking spread spectrum receiver able to quickly acquire and track incoming signals includes an adaptive weighting system for the outputs of parallel-fed correlator channels in which the weighting system automatically detects the degree of correlation in each channel, sets the d ...

Benjamin S Meyer: Artificial joint fixation to bone. United States Medical Corporation, Fleit Jacobson Cohn & Price, October 29, 1985: US04549319 (156 worldwide citation)

A joint prosthesis for fixation to the bone having a joint motion element and a stem attached thereto and extending into the central canal of the bone into which the prosthesis is to be fixed. That part of the prosthesis at the end of the bone located near the joint motion element defining an extern ...

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A pacemaker system incorporates an implantable pacemaker and a plurality of electrodes, electrodes preferably being on a pacing lead for a single chamber pacemaker, or a pair of such leads for a dual chamber pacemaker. Programmable connection means are provided for connecting the pacemaker output to ...

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A gyromagnetron amplifier for radiation at millimeter wavelengths comprising a tapered waveguide tube with longitudinally running vanes in the walls of the tube with the number of vanes chosen to coincide with a desired cyclotron harmonic frequency to be amplified. A beam of spiralling mildly relati ...

Peter P Tarjan, Sandra L Miller, John Martin: Implantable lead. Cordis Corporation, Lockwood Alex FitzGibbon & Cummings, October 29, 1985: US04549556 (138 worldwide citation)

An implantable neural stimulator lead for introduction to and fixation in the epidural space of a patient includes an electrical conductor coated with a non-conductive coating and having a contact region thereon including an electrode for stimulating the patient's spinal cord through the dura. The c ...

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A cordless graphics input device system for use with a computer. The device comprises an infrared emitting module useable on any surface adjacent a detector having a pair of patterned concave sensors. Coordinate information is determined via a detector contained microprocessor relative to the sensed ...