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The present invention relates to picture elements of a color liquid-crystal display apparatus, color arrangements of coloring means, and the electric control. The arrangement patterns of picture-element electrodes are provided which may be driven by a simple driving circuit and may obtain the regene ...

Bamford David Charles: Ball joint pipe coupling. Iracroft, October 16, 1985: GB2156932-A (83 worldwide citation)

A ball joint for permitting universal movement between first (10) and second (20) members, e.g. first and second sections of an exhaust pipe of a vehicle, the first member (10) providing a male joint part (22), and the second member (20) a female joint part (22), in which the male joint part (12) is ...

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In a clamping mechanism for a blade-shaped microtome cutter which is clampable by its back surface and by its opposite front surface in a cutter mounting, whilst the cutting edge of the cutter protrudes out of the mounting, the mounting comprises a body portion, a cutter support member connectable t ...

Senoo Masaharu, Onda Haruo, Igarashi Koichi: Dna and use thereof.. Takeda Chemical Industries, October 16, 1985: EP0158198-A1 (65 worldwide citation)

A polypeptide comprising amino acid sequence of human interferon and that of human interleukine-2-may be produced by making new DNA by the ligation of DNA containing the structural gene coding for the peptide of human interferon with DNA containing the structural gene coding for human interleukine-2 ...


Feichtinger Ernst Michael Dr: Golf green.. I T M B Europ, October 16, 1985: EP0158185-A1 (58 worldwide citation)

A golf green possesses teeing grounds (1, 101) and holes in the conventional manner. In order to offer the player a view over the often difficult terrain a display device (3, 103) for the terrain is provided between the teeing ground (1, 101) and the associated hole, within visual range of more than ...


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An optical method for detecting the presence and/or behaviour of a first form of specific molecules in various substances comprises the steps of applying a sample 6 of the substance (e.g. blood) to a molecular adsorbed layer 4 formed on an appropriate boundary surface of light transmitting device 2. ...

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A catheter having first and second inflatable balloon structures (30A, 30B) with a valved coupling (32) permitting the balloon structures (30A, 30B) to be separated while remaining inflated.The device is especially useful in treating aneurysms. The valved coupling (32) contains separate valved compo ...