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An improved method and apparatus for identifying and verifying the proper airing of television broadcast programs is disclosed wherein from the television broadcast, it can be assured that the programs were televised and received properly and aired at the scheduled time. The invention disclosed util ...

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The system of the present invention provides an electrical digital compass for use in a vehicle which includes a unique compensation and variation correction control which is readily set by the vehicle operator with the operation of push-button switches. The electrical display system and circuitry i ...

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A coin wrapper having a paper substrate and a clean releasing pressure-sensitive adhesive is disclosed.

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Medication dispensing apparatus for hospital and nursing home use that can satisfy patient prescription requirements on a large scale. The apparatus includes a carriage for dispensing pills or other medication required by the prescription of a particular patient on command from a computer control sy ...

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An interactive restaurant communication system (10) provides integrated food and entertainment processing which enables restaurant patrons to accomplish both food selection and select and receive entertainment on a common video monitor (56) at their table. The patrons can obtain menus for individual ...

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In a printed matter identifying apparatus of the present invention, the light source illuminates the detecting fields of the note. The reflected light-waves from the detecting fields are lead to the light receivers through the focusing lenses, the diffusion plates, the optical slits, the light condu ...

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A multiple reed switch module includes multiple reed switches aligned in fixed, spacial relation by thermoplastic side rails attached to the switch leads, with lead ends extending perpendicularly from the leads in parallel relation. The side rails function as a spacing mechanism and facilitate handl ...

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A gray level signal processing method determines whether an image signal derived from an original document belongs to the character image area which needs high resolution or the continuous-tone image area which needs gray level reproduction such as for photographs, and quantizes the signal in a quan ...

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An athletic shoe for track and field use, especially a running shoe, is formed in such a way that a flexible running sole is provided only in the area of its running surface and, thus, largely does not exist in the area of the longitudinal arch of the foot, and from the arch area to the heel, the ru ...

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A tubular angiographic catheter containing a wrapped multi-apertured film embedded in the walls thereof. The film material and aperture size, shape and pattern may be varied to produce a tailored torque transfer characteristic for enhancing the maneuverability of the distal end of the catheter by ma ...