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A method for percutaneously accessing the lumbar region of the spinal column by laterally inserting a cannula through the patient's side above the pelvic crest to contact a predetermined position in the lumbar region and passing objects such as medical instruments through the cannula. This method is ...

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A sensor electrode to detect one or more components in a liquid mixture comprises an electrically conductive material having at least an an external surface, the combination of an enzyme catalytic for a reaction of the desired component, and a mediator compound which transfers electrons from the enz ...

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A guide wire is provided to guide a very small diameter catheter, such as a coronary dilatation catheter used in coronary angioplasty techniques. The guide wire itself is of very small diameter, (under 0.020") yet is steerable and may be visualized fluoroscopically. The major portion of the guide wi ...

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A data gathering system includes a plurality of remote units which are controlled from a central location. Each of the remote units is attached to a television receiver which is generally but not necessarily attached to a cable system. Each of the remote units functions to determine which of several ...

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The detachable balloon catheter assembly comprises a balloon and sealing valve assembly including a sealing valve being formed of a resilient material having an elongate passageway extending therethrough and being mounted in a sleeve, an inflatable balloon having a mouth portion which is bonded to t ...

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A process for forming elongated solder terminals to connect a plurality of pads on a semiconductor device to a corresponding plurality of pads on a supporting substrate by,

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Conductive polymer compositions comprises a polymeric material having dispersed therein (a) conductive particles composed of a highly conductive material and (b) a particulate filler. The compositions exhibit a positive temperature coefficient of resistivity and undergo a large increase in resistivi ...

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A waveguide structure is emplanted in the earth to bound a particular volume of an earth formation with a waveguide structure formed of respective rows of discrete elongated electrodes wherein the spacing between rows is greater than the distance between electrodes in a respective row and in the cas ...

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A flexible coaxial cable has a special plug connector with a tensile strength comparable to that of the cable at the connecting point to the cable. This plug connector (14) consists of a nipple (1) which is threaded with a plug sleeve (3). Between these two plug elements is arranged a contact ring ( ...

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An electrosurgical instrument which includes an inner, insulated, elongated switching core integrally molded about an elongated main contact wire which extends continually throughout the core and extends from both the proximal and distal ends of the core. An electrode blade is connected to the dista ...