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A method and device for instituting mode changes (78) or precise relative cursor (13) positioning is taught. Briefly stated, an operator who is interfacing with a CRT (10) or display area (12) which has a touch input device (51) on it, such as a switch matrix or infrared light beam matrix, may insti ...

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An integrated circuit is manufactured with circuit elements formed in dielectrically-isolated semiconductor islands (1,2 etc) which are bounded at least at their bottom by insulating material (20). In the formation of these islands grooves (12) are etched into a major surface (13) of a monocrystalli ...


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A system for supplying water from a main to a plurality of points of utilisation includes a manifold 13, a branch pipe 10 connecting the manifold inlet 12 to the water main, and a plurality of pipes 17 connecting the manifold outlets 15 to the points of utilisation of the water. The manifold 13 is d ...

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Sorbent sheet products are prepared comprising a coherent fibrous web that includes entangled blown fibers and liquid transport fibers intermingled with the blown fibers and an array of solid high sorbency liquid-sorbent polymeric particles uniformly dispersed and physically held within the web. The ...

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Alcohol aqueous solutions of certain relatively insoluble imidazole derivatives, particularly miconazole and miconazole nitrate, are prepared to concentrations of at least 1.0 percent by weight active agent. The solutions are pharmacologically acceptable for topical application as the treatment of f ...

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The connection between the part-carrying plate (3) and the rotating drive spindle (1) is effected by a deformable bellows (4), the inner space of which is maintained under pressure in order to ensure the application of the part (11) against the polishing disc of the machine, whilst at the same time ...