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Phospholipid liposomes are provided having an outer layer including a cholesterol derivative such as a cholesterol ester and an aqueous medium confined by the layer which includes a tracer agent, a cytoxic agent or a therapeutic agent. The liposomes are adapted for specific organ targeting.

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The system includes a sensor assembly comprising a body implantable physiological sensor for controlling a body implantable action device operable to act upon the body in response to changes in a physiological parameter sensed by the sensor. The body implantable action device can be a heart pacing d ...

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The invention relates to a hand-held computer comprising a peripheral frame which contains all the connections and in which cards are removably plugged. A flat display, mounted on said frame, is topped by a transparent plate which forms a matrix of touch-sensitive areas or points. The matrix is also ...

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A coin sorter apparatus is provided for sorting coins by denomination using coin thickness as the discriminating parameter. The apparatus comprises a rotating disk located proximate a stationary disk. The rotational movement of coins on the rotating disk carries them into the region between the two ...

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The invention relates to a diagnosis apparatus for simultaneously collecting information on tissue structure and tissue quality from a target, e.g. human body to be examined. The apparatus of the invention comprises means (1) for emitting ultrasonic pulses and for detecting and registering reflectio ...

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A method of making an improved laminated member such as a membership card, label, coupon or other die-cut member having indicia printed on one or both sides which is bonded to a base sheet for shipment of display and which when removed from the base sheet leaves no exposed adhesive on either the bas ...

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A tamper-proof and wear resistant identification card having a support layer, a strip of magnetic tape for containing encoded information, transparent layers covering the front and rear surfaces of the support layer and a screen of optically-readable encoded information on a surface of one of the tr ...

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A small, light weight, battery operated, fixed speed syringe infusion pump is capable of being IV pole mounted. A disposable syringe is secured in a snap-in holder and the syringe plunger is moved by a pusher. The pusher is advanced to the syringe plunger by squeezing a finger tab. This simultaneous ...

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A biphasic cardiac pacer is provided having a novel system for detecting the evoked response from the heart after a stimulating pulse is applied. A relatively short, high absolute amplitude stimulating pulse is applied to the heart. Thereafter, a compensating pulse having an absolute amplitude that ...

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A crystalline zeolite, SSZ-13, is prepared from organic nitrogen-containing cations derived from 1-adamantamine, 3-quinuclidinol, and 2-exo-aminonorbornane,