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The invention provides chemically modified lymphokines having R &lparstr& O-CH2CH2 &rparstr& n wherein R is a protective group for the terminal oxygen and n is an optional positive integer, bonded directly to at least one primary amino group of the lymphokine moiety, and a method of producing the sa ...

Anderson Paul Curtis, Hibberd Kenneth A: Herbicide resistance in plants.. Molecular Genetics, September 11, 1985: EP0154204-A2 (106 worldwide citation)

This invention is directed to the production of plants, plant tissues and plant seeds which are resistant to inhibition by an herbicide which normally inhibits the growth and development of those plants, plant tissues and plant seeds. In particular this invention is directed to altered acetohydroxya ...

Renker Hansjorg Dr: Crosstie.. Studer Fritz, September 11, 1985: EP0154259-A1 (48 worldwide citation)

The cross-ties or sleepers (8) between two rails (4) of a track installation consist of a mixture of sand, gravel or rubble as well as elastomer parts which are bonded using a synthetic resin binder. The proportion of elastomer can be greater at the bottom of the sleeper (8) than in the remainder of ...

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Compounds of the formulae wherein R1 is CH3 or substituted CH2; R2, R min _2 and R3 are each H, C1-5 alkyl or phenyl; X is halogen or substituted sulfonyloxy; R5 is acyl; and R50 is H or acyl. The compounds can have light-absorbing, anti-bacterial and anti-tumour utility.

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A process for the production of methane-containing gases by the catalytic gasification of hydrocarbon feedstocks in the presence of steam and wherein the feedstock is subjected to catalytic hydrodesulphurisation prior to gasification is modified in that at least a portion of the product gas containi ...

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An optical fibre termination (1), particularly useful for laser radiation treatment of tumours, comprises a tapered end (3) to the fibre (2) and a diffusing medium (5) over the taper. The taper (3) may be uniform or non-uniform and the diffusing medium (5) may includes particulate matter to give an ...

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An osteal medical staple 2 for attaching soft tissue such as ligaments or tendons to bone has depending leg portions 20, 22 of triangular cross section flaring outwardly. Loosening or reversal of the driven staple is all but eliminated by reason of retention barbs 38, 40 formed on two sides of each ...

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2(1H)-Pyridones of the formula (I) in which R and R to R have the meaning indicated in Claim 1, and the corresponding lactim esters and salts have positive inotropic effects.

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Die neuen Copolymeren auf Basis von Maleinsäureanhydrid und [alpha],[beta]-ungesättigten Verbindungen enthalten an bivalenten Struktureinheiten A 20 bis 95 Mol-% des Strukturelements B 0 bis 40 Mol-% des Strukturelements C und 0 bis 40 Mol-% des Strukturelements wobei die Summe der Molprozente aus ( ...