Ronald R Van Overloop: Device for moist heat therapy. The Kendall Company, Powell L Sprunger, September 10, 1985: US04540412 (578 worldwide citation)

A device for patient therapy in the use of wet dressings comprising, a device for generating heated moist air, and a sheet of substantially air impervious material to cover the wet dressing. Spaced portions of the sheet are secured to the patient. The generating device is coupled to the inside of th ...

Harold J Vinegar, Scott L Wellington: Method of determining drilling fluid invasion. Shell Oil Company, September 10, 1985: US04540882 (247 worldwide citation)

A method of determining the invasion of drilling fluid into a core sample taken from a borehole. A first material is added to the drilling fluid to obtain a first fluid that has an effective atomic number that is different than the effective atomic number of the connate fluids in the rock formation ...

Gaylord R Shirley, Daniel J Chiodo: Disposable automatic lancet. Packaging Corporation International, Oltman and Flynn, September 10, 1985: US04539988 (221 worldwide citation)

A disposable automatic surgical lancet having a plastic spring arm molded integral with a central frame piece which is part of the housing. The free end of the spring arm carries a holder for a lancet blade or needle. The spring arm can be cocked in a retracted, stressed position from which it is re ...

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The present invention relates to a semiconductor device having a semiconductor element which is sealed by a ceramic package, wherein a shielding member is provided near it from upper surface of the semiconductor element to shield the alpha-particles radiated from the package.

Charles Cozewith, Shiaw Ju, Gary W VerStrate: Narrow MWD alpha-olefin copolymers. Exxon Research & Engineering Co, S H Markowitz, September 10, 1985: US04540753 (178 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to novel copolymers of alpha-olefins comprised of intramolecularly heterogeneous and intermolecularly homogeneous copolymer chains.

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In a quadrupole ion store or ion trap type mass spectometer, significantly improved mass selection is achieved by simultaneously trapping ions within the mass range of interest and then scanning the applied RF and DC voltages or the frequency .omega. to sequentially render unstable trapped ions of c ...

Edgar W Forney Jr: Connector for semirigid coaxial cable. AMP, September 10, 1985: US04540231 (145 worldwide citation)

An electrical connector is disclosed for terminating semirigid coaxial cable, and comprises a grip ring having a continuous rearward end with multiple spline fingers extending forwardly therefrom and grooves on its inner surface, and a bored tubular shell member having a contoured internal diameter ...

Sidney Wolvek: Balloon catheter with intrinsic introducer for percutaneous insertion into a blood vessel over a guide wire, and method of use. Datascope, Darby & Darby, September 10, 1985: US04540404 (143 worldwide citation)

A balloon catheter comprises a tip having a tapered distal end, a central lumen, and a balloon membrane coaxial with and surrounding the central lumen and connected to the tip. A sheath is slidable over the balloon to form an assembly, and a guide wire is slidable through the central lumen and inser ...

Ralph H Baer: Microprocessor interface device. Sanders Associates, Louis Etlinger, Richard I Seligman, September 10, 1985: US04540176 (132 worldwide citation)

A user interface device for interfacing with a microprocessor driving a video display. The device is particularly adapted for the use of small children in interfacing with a microprocessor operating to drive a video game or a personal computer. The device comprises a hand puppet adapted to be worn o ...

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Disclosed is a process for the preparation of an activated pharmaceutical composition containing a solid drug that is scarcely soluble in water, the pharmaceutical composition being characterized in that, when it is administered orally, the drug is readily absorbed to attain its high blood concentra ...