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Electroluminescent devices are disclosed comprising a hole-injecting zone and an adjacent organic luminescent zone, the device having a power conversion efficiency of at least 9.times.10.sup.-5 w/w and said zones having a combined thickness no greater than about 1 micron.

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A sensing and monitoring transducer for detecting blood sugar levels of a person, the transducer being in the form of a miniature enclosure implanted in the person's bloodstream. The enclosure has a chamber, filled with a standard osmostic solution, closed on one side by an osmostic semi-permeable m ...

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Guide wire comprising an elongate flexible cylindrical element formed of metallic material having high torsional capability and having a proximal portion ranging from 0.008 to 0.020 inches and a distal portion having a diameter of less than 0.007 inches. It also comprises a coil formed of metallic m ...

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A method of making a microporous material is provided which comprises the steps of melt blending crystallizable thermoplastic polymer with a compound which is miscible with the thermoplastic polymer at the melting temperature of the polymer but phase separates on cooling at or below the crystallizat ...

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A multiple-barreled resin dispensing device having a syringe, an exit conduit, a static mixing element, means for detachably coupling the inlet of the exit conduit to the outlet end of the syringe, and means for locating the static mixing element within the exit conduit to provide rotational alignme ...

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There is provided a process for the production of built up films by the stepwise adsorption of individual monolayers. The process comprises forming a first compact ordered monolayer on a polar solid substrate by adsorption of molecules at a solid fluid interface, and chemically activating the monola ...

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A previewer provides for the dynamic viewing of an article desired to be worn by the user in a complete series of poses without actually trying on the article. The image of the article is computer generated, and a large plurality of articles are available for previewing. The user pre-records, or cre ...

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A method of removing paraffin build up from an oil well which includes determining the location of a cooler portion of the oil well at which paraffin build up occurs, introducing an inductance heating element down into the annular space between the oil well tubing and the oil well casing, positionin ...

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The invention involves the apparatus and the technique for non-invasive surgery to remove cataracted-lens tissue from an afflicted lens. The beam output of a laser is focused to a spot of maximum power density at the anterior surface of a cataracted lens and scanned over a predetermined area or area ...

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A discriminating method, wherein a bill pattern is extracted in accordance with signals derived from selected optimum channels out of a plurality of channels connected to sensors disposed in the path across which a bill moves and the bill is discriminated through comparing the bill pattern with a re ...