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A self-tapping, self-drilling orthopedic fixation screw includes a cannula through the shaft of the screw for placement over a guide pin mounted in a guide hole in a bone to drill and tap a hole at predetermined location in the bone.

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A method of converting coal and other solid carbonaceous material to gaseous and liquid products by heating the coal in the presence of the gaseous effluent to a sufficient temperature for pyrolyzing the coal to produce liquid and gaseous products. Thereafter, further gasifying the coal to produce a ...

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A communications system comprising at least one exchange, television signal sources located at the exchange, subscriber's units each connected to the exchange by a respective direct communications link and provided with a television signal receiver, and selectors located at the exchange for selectiv ...

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An improved peristaltic infusion pump and disposable cassette for use therewith. The cassette includes a hollow conduit arrangement with a section of elastic tubing and adapted to pass intravenous fluids therethrough. The conduit is fixedly mounted in a rigid cassette wherein an intermediate section ...

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The device comprises a container housing for enveloping, at least partially, the ventricular region of the myocardium. To the inner surface of the container housing are applied membrane means which define pumping chambers between the inner surface and the myocardial wall. A pumping fluid is fed sele ...

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In an optical reading apparatus having a reading sensor for converting optically readable information into an electrical signal by electronically scanning an image of optical information, such as a bar code, a detector is provided to detect the intensity of light incident on an information label on ...

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Apparatus and method for an immunoassay of a binding reaction between a ligand and an antiligand which are typically an antigen and an antibody, including a spatial pattern formed by a spatial array of separate regions of antiligand material, and ligand material dispersed to interact with the spatia ...

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A video/audio transmission system for sending video and audio information from video and audio files of a center to a subscriber through a subscriber's junction line is disclosed in which at least one subcenter having a video/audio buffer memory, an exchange and the like is disposed near to the subs ...

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A technique utilizing a combination of adaptive noise cancelling and conventional signal processing is developed to enhance electrocardiographic monitoring in the operating room by reducing the noise interference that is created by an electrosurgical instrument. Significant amounts of interference a ...

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A fingerprint imaging apparatus for use in an identity verification system or the like. The imaging apparatus includes a carriage rotatably mounted on a frame, with the carriage being driven by a stepper motor. A transparent optical element having an arcuate recess for receiving a finger to be image ...