Eglise David, Lewis Adrian: Token handling device. Mars, August 14, 1985: GB2153128-A (51 worldwide citation)

A token handling device transmits, using an electromagnetic carrier, data, clock pulses and power to a token. The token transmits data by varying the degree of absorption of the carrier in synchronism with the clock pulses. These data transmissions are detected by a receiver in the token handling de ...

Masek Petr: Coffee-machine.. Nestle, August 14, 1985: EP0151252-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

Coffee machine using coffee cartridges enclosed in a two-part container, one integral with a fixed body and the other with a movable lid, comprising an ejection device actuated by opening the cartridge container.



Reade David Robert: Exercise platform with moving conveyor. Reade David Robert, August 14, 1985: GB2152825-A (27 worldwide citation)

The platform has a movable conveyor formed from individual (but interconnected) slats 3, the ends of the slats being secured to a pair of drive belts which run around timing pulleys 7 interconnected with a further pulley 8 which can be driven by a belt from a drive motor. The slats 3 are supported a ...

Okada Takushi, Sugimoto Koichi, Sakaue Shiyuki, Hata Seiji: Method for correcting systems of coordinates in a robot having visual sensor device and apparatus therefor.. Hitachi, August 14, 1985: EP0151417-A1 (26 worldwide citation)

The co-ordinates system correction apparatus, incorporated in a robot system having a visual sensor for measuring two or three dimensional position and posture data, corrects a visual sensor co-ordinates system and a robot co-ordinates systems. The apparatus corrects the co-ordinates systems by mean ...

Campbell Randolph E, Spier I Martin: Quick disconnect tube coupling.. Squibb & Sons, August 14, 1985: EP0151519-A1 (23 worldwide citation)

A tube coupling having a male body (12), a female body (10) for receiving at least a portion of the male body (12) and at least one peripheral member made from a relatively compressible plastic material molded into a groove within either the relatively rigid male or female body (10, 12). The periphe ...

Fritz Harald Dipl Ing, Wurll Peter Dipl Ing: Control assembly.. Siemens, August 14, 1985: EP0151479-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

1. Control device for the representation on the display screen of a visual display unit using output signals of electric sensors (5...13) of a flexible control rod (1), which are controlled by the motion of the control rod (1), whereby a flexible part (2) of the control rod (1) is securely mounted a ...

Cherukuri Subraman Rao, Bikkina Krishnayya: A chewing gum composition, a process for preparing a chewing gum tablet therefrom, and a chewing gum tablet.. Warner Lambert Co, August 14, 1985: EP0151344-A2 (21 worldwide citation)

A chewing gum composition suitable for use in the preparation of a chewing gum tablet, the gum composition comprising a blended mixture of: chewing gum granules which comprise a chewing gum base, a grinding aid and a sweetening agent; and a compression aid which comprises two or more components chos ...


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