Nicholas Papadakis: Solid state transcutaneous blood gas sensors. Diamond Shamrock Chemicals Company, William A Skinner, Bruce E Harang, August 13, 1985: US04534356 (373 worldwide citation)

Disclosed is a solid state oxygen sensor utilizing a noble metal first electrode and a silver/silver halide reference electrode and an oxygen permeable polymeric membrane electrolyte. Also disclosed is a method of producing said sensor and a method of using said sensor.

Richard A Cuff, Paul R Hoffman: Playing card coding system and apparatus for dealing coded cards. Tyler Griffin Company, Panitch Schwarze Jacobs & Nadel, August 13, 1985: US04534562 (271 worldwide citation)

Playing cards are marked with binary codes adjacent both side edges of the face of each card in a standard deck. The code includes a precode which signals a card reader to read the code in proper bit sequence depending on the direction of card movement past the reader. The binary code includes six b ...

Donald M Golden, William P McVay: Two-piece tissue fastener with compressible leg staple and retaining receiver. Ethicon, Robert L Minier, August 13, 1985: US04534350 (244 worldwide citation)

A fastener is provided to hold together portions of mammalian tissue and includes an open loop fastening member and a receiver adapted to receive the legs of the fastening member. Each fastening member leg has two oppositely facing rows of resilient, hemispherical, convex members to cooperate with a ...

Robert M Arn, Peter H Csanky, Glen F Waszek: Method and apparatus for scrambling and unscrambling data streams using encryption and decryption. Microdesign, Donald E Hewson, August 13, 1985: US04535355 (213 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatus for scrambling and unscrambling a plurality of data streams having differing data, on a plurality of signal channels, are taught. The data streams may be television programs or other signal information, transmitted in a frame-by-frame manner with discrete synchronizing informat ...

Luca Comai: Inhibition resistant 5-enolpyruvyl-3-phosphoshikimate synthetase, production and use. Calgene, Bertram I Rowland, August 13, 1985: US04535060 (197 worldwide citation)

Enhanced resistance to glyphosate, an inhibitor of the aromatic amino acid biosynthesis pathway, is imparted to a glyphosate sensitive host. A mutated aroA gene is employed which expresses 5-enolpyruvyl-3-phosphoshikimate synthetase (EC: (ES-3-P synthetase). Methods are provided for obtain ...

Barry D Sears: Synthetic phospholipid compounds. Lipid Specialties, Richard P Crowley, August 13, 1985: US04534899 (175 worldwide citation)

Synthetic phospholipid compounds and their method of preparation, which compounds are phosphatidylethanolamine polycarboxyl polyalkylene glycols and are prepared by the reaction of a phosphatidylethanolamine, a polycarboxylic acid, such as succinic or glutaryl anhydride, and a polyalkylene glycol, s ...

Joseph W Twardowski: Transmitter and receiver for controlling remote elements. Chamberlain Manufacturing Corporation, August 13, 1985: US04535333 (157 worldwide citation)

Transmitters and receivers for controlling remote elements which use a synchronous serial transmission format and which allows changes in coding to be automatically made between the receiver and transmitter and wherein the code is stored in memories of the transmitter and receiver and wherein the re ...

Christopher Nowacki, Alfred G Brisson: Metered dose inhaler. Trutek Research, Trexler Bushnell & Wolters, August 13, 1985: US04534343 (139 worldwide citation)

A metered dose inhaler is provided for inhalation of asthmatic medication. An upright cylindrical air chamber has structure at the top for receiving a pressurized canister of asthmatic medication and for conducting metered doses thereof into the air chamber. A one way valve is provided at the bottom ...

Philip Gold: Coating for angiographic guidewire. Cordis Corporation, Henry W Collins, Thomas R Vigil, August 13, 1985: US04534363 (135 worldwide citation)

There is disclosed an improved coating for an angiographic guidewire and a method of manufacturing the guidewire. The guidewire takes the form of a coiled wire which is coated with copolymers of methylsiloxane and aminoalkylsiloxane units to enhance the lubricity of the guidewire when it is inserted ...

Robert G Rothfuss, David K Kuhl, Federico Bilotti, Hugh Melling, Earl J Mills: Ligator. Senmed, Frost & Jacobs, August 13, 1985: US04534351 (133 worldwide citation)

A disposable ligator for applying clamping clips to veins, arteries and blood vessels. The ligator comprises a first handle terminating at its forward end in a first jaw and a second jaw and a second handle, both pivotally mounted on the first handle near the forward end thereof. The handles are shi ...