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1. A distribution rack for the ends of glass fibre cables for apportioning the bundles of fibres, or the individual glass fibres of a glass fibre cable, as the case may be, to one of a number of glass fibre couplings corresponding to the number of glass fibres, which, for measuring purposes, are sep ...

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Nouveaux dérivés de la xanthine utilisables comme médicaments, et répondant à la formule : dans laquelle R1 est hydrogène ou alcoyle de C1 à C5 ; R2 est hydrogène ou alcoyle de C1 à C5 comportant éventuellement une double liaison, ou benzyle ; R3 est hydrogène ou méthyle ; A est -(CH2)n - (n étant u ...

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A hydraulically driven drive reversing mechanism (30), attachable to a combine (10) to reverse the drive to the header and feeder house components (16, 19,...), is disclosed wherein the reversing mechanism (30) is contained within a gearbox (37) detachably connected with the header drive shaft (25). ...

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Novel pharmaceutical compositions comprise inclusion compounds of drugs, which are instable or only sparingly soluble in water, with partially etherified beta -cyclodextrin derivatives having hydroxyalkyl and optionally additional alkyl groups.

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The present invention provides a process for the separation of natural gas liquids from a feed stream having a pressure in the range of from 2,1 to 10,3 MPa and containing natural gas liquids, methane and nitrogen which comprises (1) partially condensing said feed stream (110) to produce a first vap ...

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Verfahren zur kontinuierlichen Abscheidung von Maleinsäureanhydrid aus gasförmigen Reaktionsgemischen, bei dem man das das Maleinsäureanhydrid enthaltende gasförmige Reaktionsgemisch mit Butanol in Kontakt bringt, die dabei anfallenden gasförmigen Stoffe in Gegenstrom mit Maleinsäurebutylester in Be ...

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A communications system comprising a head end, and a plurality of subscriber units each provided with a receiver for receiving transmitted programme signals. A digital signal representative of a message to be delivered to any one subscriber unit is transmitted from the head end. The transmitted digi ...

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Das wasserspreitende Kunststoffmaterial, insbesondere zur Verglasung von Gewächshäusern oder anderen Feuchträumen, besteht aus einem Grundkörper aus Kunststoff mit wasserabstossender Oberfläche, einer darauf aufgebrachten haftvermittelnden Schicht aus einem in Wasser nicht löslichen und im wesentlic ...

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This invention relates to a domestic heating appliance 11 having heating means and a flame effect display comprising a hologram 27 which in use provides a holographic image for the flame effect display, said image including flames. The effect of flame movement may be simulated by varying the lightin ...