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In a surgical fastener applying instrument of the type in which the tissue is first clamped by operation of a lever mechanism, a releasable latch is included in the lever mechanism for releasably holding the tissue clamping elements at an intermediate latching position. In this position, the tissue ...

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A system for monitoring the play at gambling games is disclosed. The preferred embodiment comprises a system for monitoring the play at blackjack as that game is played in casinos. The system typically will comprise video monitor means for generating a digital representation of the bets made by the ...

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A method of controlling the simultaneous broadcast of enciphered digital information signals, for example in a radio or television broadcast environment, to a plurality of subscribers provides several levels of enciphering keys. The broadcast digital information signal is in a broadcast common servi ...

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An anti-inflammatory agent containing microparticle composition prepared by a process, comprising (a) dissolving or dispersing an anti-inflammatory agent in a solvent and dissolving a biocompatible and biodegradable wall forming material in said solvent; (b) dispersing said solvent containing said a ...

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Polyolefins having a broad molecular weight distribution are obtained by polymerizing ethylene or higher alpha-olefins in the presence of a catalyst system comprising two or more metallocenes each having different propagation and termination rate constants and alumoxane.

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In the manufacture of a semiconductor component, connection areas adapted to connect the component externally are formed by a metal array (3, 4) deposited on a conductive layer (6) of low melting point alloy, itself deposited on a metal temporary substrate (7). Each component chip (1) is placed in p ...

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A method for the recovery of viscous oil from a subterranean, viscous oil-containing formation by injecting steam into the formation via at least one well at a sufficient temperature, rate, and in a sufficient amount to effect maximum visbreaking of the oil in place, terminating injection of steam a ...

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The invention refers to the analysis of a very high frequency radiation beam of electromagnetic waves. According to the invention, a network of conductor wires is placed in the path of a beam to be analyzed, the wires being interrupted at intervals by switches. One controls the conducting state of a ...

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An apparatus and method for healing bone fractures, pseudoarthroses and the like with the use of ultrasound. An ultrasound transducer, in contact with the skin of the patient, transmits ultrasound pulses to the site of the bone defect. The nominal frequency of the ultrasound is 1.5 MHz, the width of ...

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An intelligent alarm system includes exit sign units having couplings to a smoke sensor and heat sensor for input information, a speech synthesizer and a strobe light to provide output information and a communication unit to provide communication coupling between exit sign units on a single floor an ...