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Liposomes of uniform size are produced by forming liposomes in relatively random sizes, and extruding the liposomes under pressure through a uniform-pore-size membrane to force at least some of the liposomes into smaller sizes. Extrusion may be repeated to increase uniformity of the liposomes. The l ...

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A numerical controller for a machining center comprising a microprocessor, which selectively executes an automatic programming function and a numerical control function. The microprocessor selectively displays on a CRT display unit various information which instructs an operator to input machining i ...

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A terminal station for communication with one or more similar remote stations via mains wiring includes a piezo-electric coupler (22) whereby carrier signals are transmitted to and received from the line (24). The coupler is driven by an oscillator (21) modulated in correspondence with an input sign ...

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The skin and a subjacent body vessel is pierced with a needle mounted on a fluid-fillable chamber at the opposite end of which is a plunger movable into the chamber. In one embodiment, disposed within the needle and chamber is a closed-ended flexible catheter. A flexible stylet is disposed in the ca ...

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An air pallet type patient mover is formed by top, intermediate and bottom thin flexible sheets of electrically conductive sheet material stitched along given lines by conductive thread to define at least a plenum chamber between the intermediate thin flexible sheet and the bottom thin flexible shee ...

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An electronic signal processing apparatus, such as, a personal computer, is basically composed of a power section for providing DC operating power from an AC power source and a main signal processing section operative by the DC operating power for performing the minimal necessary functions. The powe ...

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Surface active peroxyacid bleaches (e.g., perlauric acid) are protected against decomposition caused by presence of magnesium ions in aqueous solutions of said bleaches, by the presence of certain aminophosphonic acid and aminocarboxylic acid chelating agents.

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Non-asbestos flexible sheet material suitable for use in gaskets for the cylinder head of an internal combustion engine is made by dewatering on a water-permeable conveyor a layer of aqueous slurry and compressing and drying the dewatered layer, the aqueous slurry employed being one that contains th ...

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A fuel pellet comprises from about 97 to about 99 percent by weight naturally occurring combustible material of which at least 50 percent is natural cellulosic material and from about 1 to about 3 percent by weight synthetic polymeric thermoplastic material. Any balance of the naturally occurring co ...

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A method in which moist snuff is produced, differing radically from the prior art. The tobacco is hogshead-aged for only about two years. Instead of producing snuff taste characteristics through fermentation, the tobacco is cased and chemical reactions, including Maillard reactions, are induced to p ...