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An adjustable lens holder for use with a computer visual display which is adapted to permit interchanging of different lenses. The lens holder retains a lens, or other optical element, in spaced relation from the screen and is adjustable relative thereto. The space between the lens and the screen ma ...

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A hair conditioning composition containing an amino functional silicone polymer in aqueous emulsion such as amodimethicone, and an effective amount for increasing the combability of hair of a cationic surfactant-emulsifier containing at least one long chain fatty acid residue which has between 12 an ...

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Logging apparatus for measuring magnetic fields while drilling is disclosed. An electrode is located within a drill string and receives alternating current which is conducted to the drill string and from the drill string is injected into the earth surrounding the well. This current is concentrated i ...

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A barbell weight lifting apparatus comprising a plurality of spaced weights in two locations on a stand, a bar, and a weight receiving box on each end of the bar adapted to enclose the spaced weights on the stand when the bar is not in use, a manually operated weight selection scale on each box, and ...

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A facing for a golf club having a series of channel-shaped spaced apart slots, said slots having a width of approximately 0.080 inches; said slots having a depth of 0.020 inches; and the distance between each set of slots being approximately 0.080 inches is disclosed.

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A packet switching system in which a remote real-time clock is accurately synchronized to a standard real-time clock via X.25 (CCITT) controlled high-speed transmission links. Synchronization is achieved by the transmission of an interrupt packet and a data packet between a remote processor controll ...

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In a data processing system including a processor, a bulk memory, a cache, and a storage control unit for controlling the transfer of data between the bulk memory and the cache, a timestamp is generated with each write command. A linked list is maintained, having an entry therein corresponding to ea ...

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An evacuator system comprising a compressible container inside of which is positioned a vacuum assist device. The vacuum assist device aids in the expansion of the container and in developing a vacuum in the container upon expansion. The vacuum assist device within the evacuator acts to maintain a s ...

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A component, such as a turbine disk, made from a metal or metal alloy which has been processed to display superplastic properties at elevated temperatures, is diffusion bonded to a component or components, such as turbine blades, made from another metal or metal alloy, by disposing the components in ...

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A pattern, useful in providing data to a processing scheme to control the fine positioning of a transducer head of a disk drive unit, comprises an erased gap followed by an automative gain control (AGC) information burst followed by a first burst of servo control information followed by a second bur ...