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In a common housing are disposed an ultrasonic transmitter electrically coupled to a generator of electrical ultrasonic oscillations, and a cryodestructor communicating with a source of coolant medium. The working portion of the cryodestructor is disposed within the source of coolant medium.

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A one-piece shell chair (10) includes an unitary integrally formed shell body (12) having a flexurally supported seat pan (14) and a flexurally supported backrest (16) defined in part by an H-shaped opening (20) in the shell body. The backrest (16) and the seat pan (14) resiliently flex as independe ...

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The present invention relates to pharmacological active preparations, especially local anesthetic preparations and deals with the problem of i a obtaining a solution of a local anesthetic agent in the form of its base, where the concentration is higher than otherwise possible. This problem has been ...

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Apparatus and method for reducing the cost and complexity of equipment placed on subscribers' premises in a subscription communications system, such as a cable television system, while at the same time providing security against unauthorized system access includes a microprocessor controlled frequen ...

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A top drive well drilling unit which is connected to the upper end of a drill string to drive it rotatively in drilling a well and is movable upwardly and downwardly with the string along a guide structure, and which is provided with pipe handling mechanism beneath the drilling unit for making and b ...

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A closed-cycle gas turbine chemical processor separates the functions of combustion air and dilution fluid in a gas turbine combustor. The output of the turbine stage of the gas turbine is cooled and recirculated to its compressor from where a proportion is fed to a dilution portion of its combustor ...

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A process to continuously bulk polymerize vinylic monomers to prepare low molecular weight, uniform, polymers employs minor amounts of initiator and, optionally solvents, at short residence times and moderate reaction temperatures to provide high yields of a product suitable for high solids applicat ...

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A container for pharmaceuticals and the like has a cap-like closure incorporating an indicator disk which is automatically indexed into successive indicating positions each time the container is used by removal and replacement of the closure. The container also has a manually operable rotary reminde ...

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Stroma-free deoxy mammalian tetrameric hemoglobin is crosslinked with certain bis diaspirin esters and modified with pyridoxyl-5'-phosphate followed by reduction to produce bis-diamide covalently crosslinked, pyridoxal-5'-phosphate covalently modified tetrameric hemoglobin wherein the crosslinking a ...

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A method and apparatus for executing parts of a program process on two processors of a multiprocessor system. A home process resides in a home processor and is the destination process of all interprocess messages. The home process may call for the execution of a selected procedure on a remote proces ...