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1. Polyorganosiloxane composition curable to give an elastomer, characterized in that it contains polydiorganosiloxanes carrying condensable or hydrolyzable groups at the end of the chain, and, if appropriate, silicon compounds of which each molecule carries at least three condensable or hydrolyzabl ...

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Alumina gel is produced on a continuous basis in a stirred reactor into which is bubbled carbon dioxide to neutralize an aluminate solution feeding into the reactor. Careful control of the process parameters, including pH, residence time, temperature and gas flow rate, as well as the geometry of the ...

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Disclosed herein are compositions, products and methods for enhancing the transdermal delivery of physiologically active agents across mammalian skin or membranes and which comprise a percutaneous transfer enhancing amount of menthol and a drug.

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In a rotary machine (10) including a rotor (50) and a bore surface (37) with which the rotor interacts to cyclically define a fluid chamber (60) during rotation, a variable member (1002) defining part of the bore surface is movable relative to the rotor by means responsive to desired operating condi ...

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Fibre forming glass, suitable for, inter alia, insulating and reinforcing uses comprising (in wt%> SiO2 44-64 Al2O3 3-11 Na2O 16-22 K2O <3 CaO 3-14 MgO 1-8 FeO + Fe2O3 3-10 and can also contain TiO2 (<1.9 wt%), ZnO, MnO, SiO, SO3 etc.

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Blends of two normally incompatible polymers are prepared by incorporating into one polymer repeating units containing pendant cyclic iminoether groups and employing said other polymer having coreactive groups which are capable of reacting with the iminoether group to form linkages between the polym ...

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Promoter-ribosome binding site (rbs) expression elements of general utility for high level heterologous gene expression; plasmids carrying said promoter-rbs expression elements and encoding genetic information for direct high level expression in bacteria of heterologous proteins, especially plasmids ...

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1. Installation for controlling and checking the different coded locks of a set of locks, comprising on the one hand a decentralized equipment associated with each lock (2), which equipment itself comprises first means for unlocking the lock on simple presentation thereto of a correspondingly coded ...


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A photostable cyanine dye possessing a structure represented by the general formula I or II: phi - L = psi . Q (I) phi = L - psi . Q (II) wherein phi denotes a monovalent or divalent residue of thiazole ring, oxazole ring, selenazole ring imidazole ring, pyridine ring, indolenine ring, benzoindoleni ...