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Separation of particle types from a mixed population of particles in a liquid is obtained in an ultrasonic standing wave produced by interference between the outputs from spaced ultrasonic sources [115, 118]. One or more selected particle types may be separated by displacement axially along the stan ...



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An apparatus for enabling the inputting, processing and dissemination of instructions to staff and clients in the catering industry and optionally for entertaining the clients. Keyboards (5) are provided for inputting viewing and ordering instructions, together with means for processing the input in ...

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An aqueous ink composition characterized in that the composition comprises a tetrakisazo dye represented by the formula wherein A1 and A2 represent (wherein m is 0 or 1, n is 0, 1 or 2, and M is H, Na, K, Li or NH4) and are the same or different, and B1 and B2 represent or (wherein Y1 is COOM, Y2 is ...


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This invention is a three port fiber optic coupler for coupling light between a straight fiber having a planar exposed core portion on an end thereof and a curved fiber having an exposed planar portion on the side of the curved fiber. The curved fiber is mounted in an arcuate groove in a flat surfac ...


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Discrete electrical through connections in a semiconductor wafer (1), which may include integrated circuit device components or which carries a separate element containing the integrated circuit device components, are comprised by apertures extending through the wafer and hermetically blocked by res ...