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The implants consisting of contrast body (1) and anchoring body (2) are fixed positionally secure in the bone with the aid of a structure of the anchoring body (2) and thus form, in the bone, immovable reference points for the measurement of X-ray pictures.

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The invention provides a process for the production of ethanol and a protein or peptide which is heterologous to yeast which comprises fermenting an aqueous sugar-containing medium with an industrial yeast strain which has been genetically modified to be capable of expressing a heterologous protein ...

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Bei einem insbesondere für Personenkraftwagen vorgesehenen Wagenkasten bilden aus Leichtmetall hergestellte Strangpressprofile in Verbindung mit aus Leichtmetallguss bestehenden Knotenelementen die tragende Konstruktion. Dabei werden die Enden der Strangpressprofile durch ihre Querschnittsform forms ...

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Appareil à épiler comportant des organes mobiles d'arrachage des poils à éliminer, entraînés par un moteur électrique logé à l'intérieur d'un boîtier susceptible d'être tenu à la main. Ces organes d'arrachage consistent en une série de disques (8) disposés côte à côte, avec un faible jeu entre eux, ...


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A process for fabricating silicon-on-insulator structures on semiconductor wafers and planarizing the topology of the patterns formed from the silicon. The process provides for the formation of monocrystalline silicon islands (19, 21) electrically isolated by dielectric in substantially coplanar arr ...

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A token handling device transmits, using an electro-magnetic carrier, data, clock pulses and power to a token. The token transmits data by varying the degree of absorption of the carrier in synchronism with the clock pulses. These data transmissions are detected by a receiver in the token handling d ...


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Benzofurancarboxamides represented by the formula (I): wherein Z represents the atoms necessary to complete a benzo[b]furan or a dihydrobenzo[b]furan ring; R, R and R may be the same or different and represent a hydrogen atom, an alkyl group having 1 to 6 carbon atoms, an alkoxy group having 1 to 6 ...

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In a method wherein the fuel is homogeneously mixed with an inert material to be burnt in a swirling motion chamber, it is proposed that the mixing be done outside the combustion chamber (2) and introduced into the latter. Thereby, it is possible to prepare the fuel independently of the combustion p ...