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A cartridge and method used for joining living tissue such as fascia. A staple in the cartridge having pointed arcuate end portions flanking a central portion is bent to provide a generally oval shape for the central portion and adjacent parts of the closed staple, and to bring the terminal parts of ...

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In a system in which multiple related parameters, such blood chemistry data, are to be evaluated, such evaluation is facilitated by converting the data into specially normalized units as a percentage on a scale depicting the maximum and minimum empirical values for such parameter. Then a normal rela ...

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Pharmaceutical compositions comprising a pharmacologically active polypeptide and a pharmacologically or veterinarily acceptable amphipathic, non-cross-linked linear, branched or graft block copolymer, which has a minimum weight average molecular weight of 5,000, in which the hydrophobic component i ...

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Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD.sup..sym.) is electrochemically hydrogenated to NADH in aqueous solution and in the presence of a metal complex as an electron carrier.

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A CATV channel assignment system and method for arranging CATV channels in a tiered fashion facilitates selective viewer access to predetermined groups of CATV channels. A "logical" channel number is generated upon channel selection and is provided to a microcomputer which, in turn, generates a corr ...

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A high-density electronic package module is disclosed which comprises a stack of semiconductor chips having integrated circuitry on each chip. To permit the emplacement of thin film circuitry on the access ends, each access plane is etched to cut back the semiconductor material then covered with pas ...

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The present invention relates generally to the composition and method for reducing the permeability of subterranean formations penetrated by a wellbore. The composition of the present invention comprises a wellbore fluid having dispersed therein a fluid loss control agent comprising a polyester poly ...

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A force sensor includes an elastic dielectric, a first plurality of conductive elements on one side of the dielectric and a second plurality of conductive elements on the opposite side of the dielectric. First signals are applied to one plurality of conductive elements through nonconductive coupling ...

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The invention comprehends the use of a fixture which fits over a tooth on which a bracket is to be affixed, this fixture having an internal cavity which matches the shape and contour of a portion of the tooth, such as the lingual surface, incisal edge and a portion of the labial surface. A second po ...

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A data processing system comprising an active and intelligent main store including a main memory, a main store controller for accessing the main memory in a manner allowing different address and data structures, and a main store bus connected to the controller. At least one processor of a first type ...