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An image input apparatus is disclosed, which comprises a running roller (26) manually rolled along an image information surface (Pd) for the scanning thereof, position detecting means (30) for detecting the position of the running roller according to the rotation thereof, a line sensor (25) for read ...

Yarnell Ian Roland: A device and method for removing irregularities in or enlarging an underground duct.. Yarnell Ian Roland, June 26, 1985: EP0146331-A1 (13 worldwide citation)

A device for removing irregularities in or enlarging a buried duct comprises a cylindrical housing corresponding approximately in diameter to the required diameter of the duct, an expandable shell comprising a plurality of tapered leaf members pivotally attached at their rear ends to the front of th ...


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An optical sensing device which incorporates a suitable optical sensor system, preferably a fiber optics system, with a suitable environmental sensitive polymeric material is presented. The polymeric material must be of the type which undergoes changes in optical properties in response to environmen ...


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Prothèse cardiaque totale destinée à remplacer un coeur humain malade. Selon l'invention, cette prothèse comporte un module péricardique (3) et un module extra-péricardique (4), incorporant leur propre système de pompage électromécanique et reliés l'un à l'autre par une liaison sanguine et gazeuse ( ...


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A controlled release composition of biologically active materials is prepared by reacting a biologically active agent, aqueous polyhydroxy polymer, inorganic salt, and optional filler(s), drying the product and then grinding the product to the desire particle size. The product is then used. for exam ...

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A wound dressing comprises a wound covering sheet 10 having a wound contacting pad 11 adhered to a face thereof. Attached to the marginal regions of the sheet 10 are four strips 12 and each being in the form of a two-part separable hook-and-loop fastener. Parts 14 of the fastener have a contact adhe ...

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Silicophosphoaluminates are crystallized from a two-phase reaction mixture comprising sources of silicon oxide, aluminum oxide and phosphorus oxide and a suitable directing agent. The silicophosphoaluminates produced have ion exchange properties and are readily convertible to catalytically active ma ...