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1. A method for the detection and recording of subsurface defects in a hot semifinished iron or steel product by moving the surface under examination past an oxygen supplied scarfing torch, characterised in that the scarfing is performed progressively so that the metal surface is removed to expose t ...



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Afin de permettre le réglage en position de l'anneau intérieur d'un stator à ailettes à calage variable d'une turbo-machine, chacun des secteurs (7) de cet anneau est pourvu de points de réglage constitués de douilles (14) de paliers de pivot de pieds des ailettes (2) qui comportent un filetage exte ...


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A compensated polysilicon resistor wherein both N-type and P-type dopants are ion implanted into the polysilicon, whereby the net doping concentration is the difference between the concentration of the P-type and N-type dopants. The N-type dopants provide for compensation at the grain boundaries. As ...

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A self-propelled vehicle is equipped with a double camera (CA) whose two channels are equipped with respective perpendicular polarisors. A lamp illuminates the field of view of the camera (CA). Markers which retro-reflect polarised light are incorporated therein. A preprocessing (PT) of the two imag ...


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New spiro-(indolino-2,3'(3H) -naphth(2,1-6)(1,4)oxazine cpds. of formula (I) R1, R2 and R3 = H, -CN, -SCN, -NO2, -X, -CH2X, -CX3, -OR, -SR, -COR, -COOR or =Ar; X = halogen; =Ar= annelated (hetero)aromatic ring system; R4, R5, R6 and R7 = H, -R, -CH2R, -NH2, -NHR, -N(R)2, -OR or -SR but at least one ...

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The invention relates to a battery testing circuit for determining the condition of a battery connected to input terminals (10, 11) of the circuit, by discharging the battery through a load (12). The discharging current is variable by means of a control circuit (15) which determines the operating po ...