Ogura Manabu: Lighting apparatus.. Holse, June 26, 1985: EP0146247-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

Lighting apparatus comprises a rod like member such as a candle having a light source, typically a flame or bulb at an upper end thereof. An optical fibre extends along the rod like member with its upper end juxtaposed the light source and the lower end in operative relationship with a photosensor w ...

Atkinson Joseph G, Guindon Yvan, Lau Cheuk K: Lipoxygenase inhibitors.. Merck Frosst Canada, June 26, 1985: EP0146243-A1 (41 worldwide citation)

Compounds of the general Formula I: wherein Z is a bond, CR14=CR15 or CHR14-CHR15; X is O, S, SO, or SO2 R1, R2, R23, R4, T, V are as defined in the prescription; and pharmaceutically acceptable salts thereof are inhibitors of leukotriene biosynthesis. These compounds inhibit the mammalian 5-lipoxyg ...

Elton Richard Kenneth: Electrodeposition of mica on coil or bar connections. Gen Electric, June 26, 1985: GB2150153-A (36 worldwide citation)

A process for depositing an insulating coating on bare portions of electrical connection members (e.g. of dynamoelectric machines) comprises: a) immersing the bare electrical connections in an aqueous electrodeposition composition consisting essentially in weight percent of 5-35% of particulated mic ...

Arai Yoshinobu, Hamanaka Nobuyuki, Miyamoto Tsumoru: Glycerol derivatives.. Ono Pharmaceutical Co, June 26, 1985: EP0146258-A2 (35 worldwide citation)

Glycerol derivatives of the general formula: [wherein A represents an oxygen atom or a carbonyloxy group (wherein the carbonyl group should be attached to a group R and the oxa group should be attached to the carbon atom at the third position of the glycerol skeleton), R represents an alkyl group of ...


Newman Stephen: Photosolubilisable compositions.. Minnesota Mining & Mfg, June 26, 1985: EP0146411-A2 (27 worldwide citation)

Radiation-sensitive elements, e.g. printing plates, comprising a substrate having coated thereon a photosolubilisable composition comprising an alkali-soluble phenolic resin and an onium salt. The onium salt imparts a solvent resistance to the phenolic resin which is removed upon exposure to radiati ...


Kunzel Werner, Vierkotter Peter, Vom Hofe Dieter: Safety closure.. Henkel Kgaa, June 26, 1985: EP0146095-A2 (26 worldwide citation)

1. Container with safety closure for protection against unauthorised access by children and with a pivotable cover plate, which is integrally moulded on at the container by way of a hinge connection, is to be supported by its free edges closing at the adjoining rims of the container and which is to ...

Melzig Manfred Dr, Martinuzzi Guiseppe, Effer Erhard: Optical element with a phototropic coating.. Rodenstock Optik G, June 26, 1985: EP0146136-A2 (24 worldwide citation)

The coating consists of a lacquer comprising one or a plurality of phototropic substances. The lacquer may have a plurality of layers of which the phototropic coloration may differ. The optical element may further comprise one or a plurality of phototropic substances. Furthermore, the optical elemen ...