Charles Sperry
Hargrove William Walter, Harris Dale Carvin, Akers Michael James, Sperry Charles Richard: Vacuum vial infusion system.. Lilly Co Eli, June 26, 1985: EP0146310-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

This invention relates generally to systems for intravenously administering medicine to a patient and more particularly to a vacuum vial infusion system for reconstituting a drug from a dried state to a liquid state while the drug is still within the vial. The drug is administered by means of an int ...

Croguennec Jean: Method and device for protecting a sheet metal working machine by means of a laser beam.. Erpic, June 26, 1985: EP0146460-A2 (86 worldwide citation)

1. Method for protecting, by means of a laser beam, a sheet metal working machine, such as a bending press, a shearing machine, a rolling machine or other like machine, comprising a tool (3) vertically mobile in the direction of the sheet metal in abutment on a support, in which the safety height wh ...

Staath Jean Claude, Dubois Gilles, Paumier Marcel: Joining apparatus for cables, especially optical fibres.. Lignes Telegraph Telephon, June 26, 1985: EP0146478-A2 (70 worldwide citation)

The object of the invention is a box for joining cables. This box (R) carries a plurality of modules (M), optionally movable or detachable; each of the modules, formed for example by a tray, carries a splice (E) or a group of splices and provides the storage area (1) for the additional length of the ...


Debarbieri Franco, Dorizzi Claude, Montorsi Roberto, Zaramella Giancarlo: Automatic electrowelding machine.. Armco, June 26, 1985: EP0145891-A1 (53 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to an automatic electrowelding machine for large size components, with a welding head controlled by a programmable unit and associated with devices which move it along three axes located at right angles with each other; the welding head includes the sensing finger trans ...




Bernard Jean, Mercier Michel: Device for attaching a cyclists shoe to a bicycle pedal.. Look, June 26, 1985: EP0146454-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

Le dispositif comprend une platine (1) fixée sous la chaussure, et une pédale (2) pourvue d'une griffe d'accrochage (18) de la platine (1); l'échappement latéral de la chaussure est possible par torsion du pied, grâce à la présence de surfaces de commande en V (11, 22) formées respectivement sur la ...