Charles Sperry
Hargrove William Walter, Harris Dale Carvin, Akers Michael James, Sperry Charles Richard: Vacuum vial infusion system.. Lilly Co Eli, June 26, 1985: EP0146310-A1 (12 worldwide citation)

This invention relates generally to systems for intravenously administering medicine to a patient and more particularly to a vacuum vial infusion system for reconstituting a drug from a dried state to a liquid state while the drug is still within the vial. The drug is administered by means of an int ...

Croguennec Jean: Method and device for protecting a sheet metal working machine by means of a laser beam.. Erpic, June 26, 1985: EP0146460-A2 (82 worldwide citation)

1. Method for protecting, by means of a laser beam, a sheet metal working machine, such as a bending press, a shearing machine, a rolling machine or other like machine, comprising a tool (3) vertically mobile in the direction of the sheet metal in abutment on a support, in which the safety height wh ...

Staath Jean Claude, Dubois Gilles, Paumier Marcel: Joining apparatus for cables, especially optical fibres.. Lignes Telegraph Telephon, June 26, 1985: EP0146478-A2 (58 worldwide citation)

The object of the invention is a box for joining cables. This box (R) carries a plurality of modules (M), optionally movable or detachable; each of the modules, formed for example by a tray, carries a splice (E) or a group of splices and provides the storage area (1) for the additional length of the ...





Bernard Jean, Mercier Michel: Device for attaching a cyclists shoe to a bicycle pedal.. Look, June 26, 1985: EP0146454-A2 (43 worldwide citation)

Le dispositif comprend une platine (1) fixée sous la chaussure, et une pédale (2) pourvue d'une griffe d'accrochage (18) de la platine (1); l'échappement latéral de la chaussure est possible par torsion du pied, grâce à la présence de surfaces de commande en V (11, 22) formées respectivement sur la ...


Ogura Manabu: Lighting apparatus.. Holse, June 26, 1985: EP0146247-A2 (41 worldwide citation)

Lighting apparatus comprises a rod like member such as a candle having a light source, typically a flame or bulb at an upper end thereof. An optical fibre extends along the rod like member with its upper end juxtaposed the light source and the lower end in operative relationship with a photosensor w ...

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