Anderson John: Sudden infant death syndrome monitor. Anderson John, June 19, 1985: GB2149918-A (326 worldwide citation)

A monitor unit for use with babies comprises a pair of electrodes 2 on a pad 1 attached to the baby's chest, a self-contained transmitter unit 4 mounted on the pad to emit a radio signal representing the heart beat rate and a remote receiver for the signal arranged to emit an alarm signal when the h ...

Jervis James: Medical device comprising a shape memory alloy.. Raychem, June 19, 1985: EP0145166-A2 (129 worldwide citation)

Medical devices which are currently proposed to use elements made from shape memory alloys may be improved by the use of stress-induced martensite alloy elements instead. The use of stress-induced martensite decreases the temperature sensitivity of the devices, thereby making them easier to install ...

Bettman Max: Combustion pressure sensor.. Ford Motor, Ford Werke, Ford France, June 19, 1985: EP0145146-A2 (123 worldwide citation)

A combustion pressure sensor has a first diaphragm 12 adjacent a combustion region for deflecting in response to the magnitude of adjacent pressure. A second diaphragm 14 is spaced from the first diaphragm and deflects as a function of the deflection of the first diaphragm. The second diaphragm 14 i ...



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A nucleic acid hybridization assay wherein the hybrid formed with the probe has binding sites for two specific binding reagents, one of which comprises a first label and the other a second label, interaction of the first and second labels providing a detectable response which is measurably different ...

Fujimoto Ted Tsutomu: Substituted triazoles, processes for making them, their use as fungicides and fungicidal compositions containing them.. Rohm & Haas, June 19, 1985: EP0145294-A2 (63 worldwide citation)

There are provided novel alpha -(halo-substituted phenyl)- alpha -alkyl- beta -(1,2,4-triazol-1-yl)propanenitriles of Formula I below wherein X is fluoro, chloro or bromo and R is (C3-C8)alkyl with the proviso that when R is branched chain (C3-C6)alkyl the branching does not occur at the alpha -carb ...


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Classes of substituted 1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolines and 1H-imidazo[4,5-c]quinolin-4-amines are disclosed as bronchodilator agents and antiviral agents, respectively. Pharmacological methods of using the compounds as bronchodilators and antiviral agents, pharmaceutical compositions containing the comp ...

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A method for making alumina objects, including preparing a mixture of water and rehydration bondable alumina particles, and dispersing the mixture in an immiscible liquid for bonding the particles in rounded shapes.