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Novel catalytic electrode in which the oxidation catalyst is protected from unfavorable redox potentials by an insulation/rectification matrix composed of a polymeric matrix containing an insulating and rectifying effective amount of a dispersed redox conductor.

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Anastomotic coupling means capable of both end-to-end and end-to-side anastomosis without resorting to suturing. A pair of coupling disc members cooperate to couple the vessels, one of the members having spaced apart hook members and the other member having receptor cavities aligned with said hook m ...

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Absorbable, substantially amorphous surgical fasteners having good in vivo strength-retaining and absorption characteristics may be made of copolymers of lactide and glycolide made from 70-85% m lactide and 15-30% m glycolide provided the inherent viscosity and glass transition temperature of the co ...

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A stapler, particularly for suturing skin wounds or incisions, is disclosed which comprises a channel in which a driver is advanced by a slide in the direction of an anvil surface. A staple magazine which extends substantially parallel with the driver includes a curved section which opens into the c ...

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Provided is a wound covering material produced by applying an aqueous solution containing a polyvinyl alcohol with a degree of hydrolysis not less than 95 mol. % and a viscosity-average degree of polymerization not less than 1,500, a water-soluble C.sub.2-20 polyhydric alcohol having 2-8 hydroxyl gr ...

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A biomedical electrode having a conductive adhesive thereon which is derived from an essentially solventless process. The resulting adhesive is characterized in that it is a swellable, dermally-nonirritating conformable, coadhesive, ionic, hydrophilic polymer.

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The present invention relates to a communication apparatus for transmitting and receiving analog voice and digital data signals to and from a telephone line or telephone lines to one or more users, in the same session. The apparatus has a telephony apparatus for transmitting or receiving the voice s ...

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A perimeter weighted hollow golfing iron having a foam core with an effective hitting area concentrated toward the center of moments is disclosed. The weight of the club is concentrated at the perimeter to provide for the center of moments and proximate effective hitting area over the core. The club ...

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Bis-crown-ether derivatives having such configuration that the two crown rings may easily overlap spatially, holding a potassium or the like ion between them, and ion-selective membranes used for said bis-crown-ether derivatives as neutral carrier, which are useful as an ion sensor and are superior ...

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This invention provides medical procedure packages comprising a pre-sterilized kit within an outer package wrap, the packages being so designed that all components of the package are sterilized using sterilization methods which are compatible with the chemical compositions of the components and thei ...