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A surgical fastener holding assembly for use in surgical fastener applying apparatus is removably mounted relative to the remainder of the apparatus by mounting means which allows the fastener holding assembly to both translate and pivot toward the associated anvil member.

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An endocardial electrode assembly of three or more spring legs to be inserted into the heart, sets of electrodes on respective spring legs comprising distinctive geometrical patterns, over the ventricle-contacting span of the legs, such that the active sets of electrodes provide recognizable pattern ...

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Apparatus and method for an electrochemical sensor for carbon monoxide detection in a gelled aprotic organic nonaqueous electrolyte solution.

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A method and apparatus for processing documents comprising a unit for reading machine-readable data and for generating image data from the documents as the documents are moved along a track in operative relationship therewith. The unit also includes recognition circuitry receiving the image data and ...

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A new and substantially improved type of lipid vesicle, called stable plurilamellar vesicles (SPLVs), are described, as well as the process for making the same. SPLVs are stable during storage and can be used in vivo for the sustained release of compounds and in the treatment of disease.

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A surgical clip applying device having a main body, a clip magazine coupled to the main body for holding a plurality of clips, clip deforming jaws coupled to the main body for receiving and deforming clips, a clip loading mechanism for loading clips from the magazine to a clip feed blade which moves ...

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Cutting-suctioning instrument having an elongated support and first and second, opposed distal jaws, at least one of which is pivotable about a transverse axis and adapted to be closed by an actuator, and a suction throat defined between proximal portions of the two jaws. Preferably, a sliding inner ...

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An electronic microcopier apparatus includes a reading head, an electronic memory and a writing head, all contained within a small case that may be held in the hand. In the reading mode the instrument is passed over images, such as written text, where photosensors read the optical information and tr ...

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A process for generating electricity from a fuel cell includes generating a hydrogen-rich gas as the fuel for the fuel cell by treating a hydrocarbon feed, which may be a normally liquid feed, in an autothermal reformer utilizing a first monolithic catalyst zone having palladium and platinum catalyt ...