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A lottery game terminal (10) providing a plurality of user selected lottery games is capable of operating in a multiterminal statewide lottery game system. Choice of game and game play is controlled by player manipulation of a light pen (13) to operate any of several sort switches displayed on a gam ...




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A ferrite loop 21 encircles the line 11 and neutral 12, but not the earth cable 13 of a mains supply. The loop 21 also encircles a further loop 22 which comprises a capacitor 23. The further loop 22 including its capacitor 23 forms a parallel LC circuit which provides a high impedance to signals at ...

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7-Amino-azolo[1,5-a]-pyrimidine der Formel worin R Alkyl oder Arylalkyl, R und R Wasserstoff oder Alkyl, A ein Stickstoffatom oder eine CR-Gruppe bedeutet, wobei R die Bedeutung Wasserstoff, Alkyl oder Halogen hat und diese enthaltende Fungizide.

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Novel methods and compositions are provided for the delivery of plant meristematic tissue to an environment for growth and development. Isolated meristematic tissue from various sources are combined with beneficial adjuvants in an encapsulating gel matrix which provides a system for the simultaneous ...



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Phenobarbital and carbamazepine conjugates for use as enzyme inhibitors having the formula: wherein R2 is selected from the group consisting of and wherein Z is a biologically compatible counter ion, n and m are each independently an integer from 2 to 6, and R and R1, are each lower alkyl.