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Disposable diapers having elasticized waistbands which allow the diapers to breathe and which reduce the incidence of waistband rollover. The waistbands are formed by affixing elastic elements between the topsheets and the backsheets (in the waistband region of the diapers) using regularly spaced, t ...

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A completely self-contained nerve stimulator/locator unit to be clamped on the syringe of a conventional syringe and injection needle assembly. The unit contains a power supply, a pulse generating circuit, a patient detector switch for automatically activating the generator when the injection needle ...

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A device and method for the detection of tumors in human and animal tissue using transmission or reflection of nonionizing radiation, in particular, visible light having a wavelength most advantageously in the range of 400 to about 700 nanometers, and infrared light having a wavelength in the range ...

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Control of teleconference is facilitated so as to allow relatively unskilled operators to implement such control. The invention includes at least a pair of teleconferencing sites, each of which includes at least a pair of controllable video sources for deriving video signals from controllable region ...

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Cementing compositions and methods of using such compositions in oil, gas and water well cementing operations to reduce fluid loss from the composition to the formation are disclosed. Such compositions incorporate certain copolymers of N, N dimethylacrylamide and 2-acrylamido, 2-methyl propane sulfo ...

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In an automatic card shuffler, cards already played are placed in first and second trays. Sensors arranged in the trays detect the presence of cards to automatically initiate a shuffling operation. The cards in the trays pass through the card mixer, where they are interweaved in a random fashion and ...

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A novel encapsulation method is provided in which liposome dispersions are dried in the presence of a material to be encapsulated. As drying occurs, the individual liposomes fuse to form multilamellar structures which capture the material between lipid lamellae. Upon rehydration, lipid vesicles form ...

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An improved ultrasonic surgical aspirator for use in breaking up and removing tissue from an operative site recessed within a tissue body employs an elongated probe having an oval or elliptical cross section to more closely conform to and fit an incision in the tissue and to expose a wider area of t ...

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Sunglasses have transparent panes extending in frusto conical planes. The sunglasses frame construction permits ease of pane removal and replacement.

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A video recording device is arranged to be worn by the user like a pair of spectacles. In the recording mode, the scene in front of the user is recorded on a miniature television camera mounted on the spectacle frame (or two cameras if the recording is to be used for 3-D viewing). The miniature came ...