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A sustained-release preparation in the form of a needle-like or bar-like shape, which comprises an active ingredient and a pharmaceutically acceptable biodegradable carrier (e.g. proteins, polysaccharides and synthetic high molecular compounds, preferably collagen, atelocollagen, gelatin, and a mixt ...

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There are described novel N-(2-nitrophenyl)-4-aminopyrimidine derivatives of the formula I in which R1 is NO2 or CF3; R2 is NO2 or CF3; R3 is hydrogen or halogen; R4 is hydrogen or the group -C(O)R7 where R7 is an unsubstituted or substituted radical from the series comprising C1-C12-alkyl, C2-C6-al ...

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A wire dot matrix printer head comprising a printing wire (11) a distal end portion of which is mounted in a wire guide hole or holes (13a) of a wire guide means (12,13); an ink tank (2); and ink supply means (60, 12d, A, B) for supplying the distal end portion of the printing wire (11) with ink fro ...

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Methods employing biotinylated nucleic acid probes for detecting genes or base sequences of interest in nucleic acids. The preferred embodiment employs enzyme labeled nucleic acid probe for hybridization with the nucleic acid, a biotinylated nucleic acid probe for specific hybridization with the gen ...


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A breathing valve (10) having a valve chamber (16) with a two-way opening (36) for exit of exhaled gases and through which atmospheric air may be drawin in, a valve member (40) in the chamber (16), a one-way flow opening (54) in the valve member (40) through which gas may flow from the chamber (16) ...

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A method for improving the durability, surface finish, and magnetic properties of a magnetic recording disk, the recording disk having a magnetic coating material with load bearing particles therein, by applying thereto a deformational force which exceeds the elastic limit of the coating material.

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A catheter device which will indicate immediate flashback of blood during venipuncture and in turn indicates positive entry into a blood vessel. The catheter flashback indicator (10) utilizes an over-the-needle catheter (30) with a fluid passage (31) between the catheter (30) and the needle (23) and ...