Egger Helmut: Azole derivatives process for their production compositions containing them and their use. Sandoz, May 1, 1985: GB2146987-A (26 worldwide citation)

A compound of formula I wherein R1 and R2, independently, are hydrogen, halogen, nitro; or unsubstituted or mono- or poly-halogen substituted lower alkyl, lower alkenyl, lower alkynyl, lower alkoxy or lower alkylthio; or unsubstituted or substituted phenyl or phenoxy, R3 is hydrogen or lower alkyl, ...



George Lyndon James: Barrier. Hopwood Kay Hopwood, May 1, 1985: GB2146882-A (14 worldwide citation)

A barrier (10) for the protection of growing plants from slugs and the like comprises an elongate P.V.C. extrusion of constant cross-section providing a container part (12) for pest repellant (17) and a support part (11) depending therefrom and which is inserted in the ground (14). The container par ...

D Amato Ralph James, Godfrey Richard Hugh, Morrell Albert Maxwell, Ragland Frank Rowland: Cathode-ray tube faceplate panel with an apparently planar screen periphery. RCA, May 1, 1985: GB2147142-A (11 worldwide citation)

Improvement is provided in the appearance of a color picture type cathode-ray tube including rectangular faceplate with an exterior surface having curvature along both the minor (Y-Y) and major (X-X) axes. At least in the center portion of the faceplate, the curvature along the minor axis is at leas ...


Dobson Robert Loren: Self sealing pneumatic tire. Goodyear Tire & Rubber, May 1, 1985: GB2146959-A (10 worldwide citation)

An open network structure (6) containing a sealant composition is enveloped between the usual inner liner of the tyre and a cover strip (7). The open network structure (6) may be either a flexible open-cell rubber or polyurethane foam or a mat of woven or non-woven organic polymer filaments bonded a ...

Helal Mohammed Abdelmoneim: Power converter. Minitronics, May 1, 1985: GB2147159-A (10 worldwide citation)

A converter which converts mains frequency electrical power into a higher frequency power, which is more desirable for driving gas discharge lamps. The converter comprises a half-bridge inverter (Q1 and Q2) connected across a filter capacitor (C3) of a filtered, rectified supply, which is effectivel ...