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A process for making relatively thick foraminous members the foramina of which form a preselected pattern. The backing film such as a thermoplastic film is placed in contact with a rotating drum. A foraminous woven element about which the foraminous member will be constructed is placed in contact wi ...

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A sealing system for a tubing string in a well bore which is capable of undergoing deformation under the action of a hot fluid and has at least one casing string in which the tubing is housed, a connecting and sealing assembly placed between the casing and the tubing as well as members for supportin ...


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An automatic card shuffler comprising a housing with at least two wells to receive two reserve stacks of playing cards to be intermixed and presented to a dealer one at a time. First extractor is provided to select, remove and intermix in a random sequence the bottommost card from each stack and to ...

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The invention relates to apparatus for determining the state of charge of electric storage batteries.

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A remote controlled self-propelled vacuum cleaner comprising a manually held radio transmitter and a radio receiver installed in the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner is provided with a pair of freely rotating wheels driven by friction rollers on the ends of a driveshaft driven by an electric motor ...

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A surgical compression plate is provided with at least one elongated screw hole with a sloping camming surface that bows outwardly to provide a constant torque until the screw is seated or a torque that increases gradually and then diminishes until the screw is seated, with a sudden increase in torq ...

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A spray dispenser of the squeeze bottle type, for use in the administration of nasal sprays, comprises a squeeze bottle in combination with a spray dispenser head assembly consisting of a cap, and associated spray nozzle which functions as a two-way check valve and a dip tube for conveying liquid fr ...

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Electrical circuitry for monitoring the current flow through resistance elements on the leading edge of an aircraft wing or horizontal stabilizer. The resistance elements are individually and sequentially activated for heating to thereby effect a de-icing or anti-icing function. The non-activated el ...

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Hydroxy substituted peptide compounds of the formula ##STR1## are disclosed. These compounds are useful as hypotensive agents due to their angiotensin converting enzyme inhibition activity and depending upon the definition of X may also be useful as analgesics due to their enkephalinase inhibition a ...