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A process in which a shape memory alloy such as nitinol wire which has been previously fabricated in its parent phase to form a longitudinally oriented coil of adjacent wire loops and thereafter cooled to its martensite phase and reshaped to a relatively straight shape, is utilized as an intra-lumin ...

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Control apparatus of the kind disclosed in our U.K. patent application No. 2173887 wherein the `mover` or rotor of a linear or rotary electrical stepper motor is coupled to a manual operating member so that, not only can the motor drive the operating member to give an automatic mode of the apparatus ...

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An intravenous catheter assembly includes a valve located in the catheter hub and made of needle-penetrable self-sealing material such as rubber. The valve is biased to a closed position wherein it surrounds an inlet end of a hollow elongated insert disposed in the hub. The insert is in flow communi ...

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A method for the treatment of atherosclerosis in a mammal by destruction of atheromatous plaque is disclosed. The disclosed method includes injecting a hematoporphyrin into the mammal for selective uptake into the atheromatous plaque, and delivering light to the diseased vessel so that the light act ...

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In the field of security validators, slot acceptors have been known which transport paper offered as a valid security past a testing station. Previously known acceptors have been susceptible to defeat by mosaics, stringing, shocking, photocopy duplication, and the like. Additionally, known acceptors ...

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The invention comprises a bio-compatible composition suitable for constructing surgical articles for the repair or replacement of a part of the body of a human or non-human animal, e.g., ligaments, tendons, bones, comprising a composite of a bio-absorbable polymer and at least one substrate of a plu ...

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An elongated dissecting tool adapted to be driven by a rotary motor is confined within an elongated tool guide which is attached to the rotary motor. A tool is coupled to the motor by means of a suitable chuck; and the tool guide includes bearings for rotationally supporting the elongated dissecting ...

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A process for maintaining refractile proteins in solubilized form by replacing the strongly denaturing solution with a weakly denaturing solution.

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Surgical clip applying apparatus operable entirely by one hand for advancing clips one at a time into a pair of jaws which close the clip on body tissue. The clips are fed to the jaws in a line. The clips releasably intercouple with one another to form a train which is advanced by a clip pusher acti ...

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For a microcomputer system including a program memory and a microprocessor having means for executing sets of microinstructions which includes an instruction decoder and a microinstruction memory for storing the sets of microinstructions wherein each set of microinstructions is associated with a pub ...