Vincent L Vaillancourt: Sterile connection device. Manresa, Ralph R Roberts, April 16, 1985: US04511359 (239 worldwide citation)

This invention shows a sterile connection device as made in several embodiments but with a common purpose in which a protector may be pierced, penetrated or opened by pressurized fluid flow by means carried on a influent connector member but with the withdrawal of this means the protector is closed ...

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A process for dissolving refractile proteins from their insoluble form by using a strongly denaturing solution.

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A hollow metal shell golf club head, has a ball striking front wall, a top wall, a bottom wall and longitudinally spaced toe and heel walls. The head is characterized by:

Stuart E Builder, John R Ogez: Purification and activity assurance of precipitated heterologous proteins. Genentech, April 16, 1985: US04511502 (177 worldwide citation)

A process for purifying heterologous proteins from higher molecular weight components, including dissolving the heterologous protein in a strong denaturing solution and removing the higher molecular weight components using a molecular sieve or high speed centrifugation.

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A security and surveillance system having a central monitoring station connected to a plurality of remote installations or subscribers by a transmission medium having a finite bandwidth. Each remote installation includes a plurality of surveillance equipment, including video, audio, and alarm signal ...

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The present invention relates to a technique for transmitting an entire analog speech signal and a modulated data signal over a transmission channel such as a common analog telephone speech channel. The present technique multiplexes the entire modulated data signal within the normal analog speech si ...

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A remote level adjustment system for use in a multi-terminal communications system wherein a plurality of remote terminals are connected to a master terminal by a distribution network for bi-directional transmission of signals. The remote terminals are adapted to transmit and receive signals on the ...

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A print mechanism includes plural print heads arranged in a horizontal direction with each print head including a plurality of nozzles arranged in a vertical direction. The entire print mechanism is disposed on a carriage movable in the horizontal direction. Each of the print heads is preferably sup ...

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An insert for a shoe, boot, or the like which is capable of plural adjustments so as to adapt the insert to the unique physical conformation of the wearer's foot, to hold the foot in a neutral axis position substantially at all times, to return a foot into the neutral axis mode automatically, and to ...

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A surgical suture is described which consists of a monofilament core and a braided sheath surrounding the core. The sheath and the core are temporarily secured together at one end so that the core acts as a stiffener for the sheath during the surgical procedure. After the core and sheath are detache ...