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Using a photolithographic projection apparatus a mask having a pattern is imaged on a photosensitive layer coating a semiconductor substrate by a projection lens. To improve the resolving capability and to obviate adverse effects, e.g. standing waves and inhomogeneous exposure, the space between the ...

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Apparatus for applying surgical clips to tissue includes a self-contained supply of clips and is constructed to apply those clips, one at a time, through movement of the thumb and fingers of one hand. The clips are stored inside a sleeve along the length of the instrument, are fed into jaws at the d ...

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An improved personal physiologic monitor continuously monitors changes in galvanic skin resistance, temperature or both in order to detect for example the onset of a hypoglycemic state in a diabetic. Measurements are enacted over brief periodic intervals to conserve power. A temperature reference is ...

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There is provided a surgical tool comprising an elongated rod of arcuate shape and a handle which is alternatively releasably affixable to one end or the other end of the rod. An eyelet for receiving an end of the anterior cruciate ligament implant or graft is provided in at least one of the ends of ...

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A magnetic article surveillance system marker is adapted, when armed, to resonate at a frequency provided by an incident magnetic field applied within an interrogation zone. The marker is an elongated ductile strip of magnetostrictive ferromagnetic material disposed adjacent to a ferromagnetic eleme ...

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Polymers of 98.9 to 95.5 weight percent of olefinically unsaturated carboxylic acids containing at least one activated double bond, 1 to about 3.5 weight percent of an alkyl acrylate ester of acrylic or methacrylic acid wherein the alkyl group contains 10 to 30 carbon atoms and 0.1 to less than 1 we ...

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An electronically tuned television receiver is provided with a channel lockout feature to control viewer program selection. The television receiver has a tuner local oscillator (101), the frequency of which is controlled by a phase lock loop (12) having a programmable frequency divider (122,123). A ...

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There is disclosed an ACD management information system which tracks attendant work performance without regard to the actual station at which the attendant is operating. The system also monitors non-ACD work states and provides individualized status reports based upon temporarily stored limit criter ...

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The adenovirus major late promoter is employed as a promoter for expression in a yeast host. Constructions are provided for expression in yeast with the adenovirus major late promoter and a coding segment.

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An exercise bicycle including a flywheel assembly mounted on the driveshaft of an hydraulic pump and a load resistance control mechanism for variably controlling the load resistance on the hydraulic pump. A pressure gauge means is also provided to measure the pressure between the load resistance con ...