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A container insert slidably receives a plurality of columns of nested preformed pot covers in slots formed in the insert which is spaced from the sides of the container in which it is positioned. The bow of the pot covers project on one side of the insert panel with the preformed cover on the opposi ...

Michael S Robbins: Infrared extension system. Xantech Corporation, Flam & Flam, April 2, 1985: US04509211 (175 worldwide citation)

A pair of transducer units and a transmission line extend the operational range of an infrared remote control device that normally operates electrical or electromechanical apparatus such as a television channel selector. One transducer converts electrical signals into an infrared radiation pattern a ...

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Submicron lateral device structures, such as bipolar transistors, Schottky Barrier diodes and resistors, are made using self-aligned fabrication techniques and conventional photolithography. The devices are made using individual submicron silicon protrusions which extend outwardly from and are integ ...

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Disclosed is an electronic locking device including electrically interacting key part and lock part each including electronic data processor with an inner code which is particular for a pair of key and lock units which belong one to another. To increase the number of variations and to inhibit the br ...

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A two-way (interactive) cable television system is disclosed which has distributed processing and which employs a cable-distribution subsystem that includes corrective regenerators each of which ignores noise (invalid signals) and, when overloaded, ignores (rejects) certain valid signals so as to fa ...

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The invention relates to a method of milking loose-housing cows which find their way individually to one or more feeding stalls where they are automatically identified and fed with the aid of a computer connected to the identification and feeding means.

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Surgical fastener applying apparatus including an actuator and a removable surgical fastener container cartridge. The cartridge fits loosely into a cartridge holder part of the actuator which translates linearly toward or away from an anvil part of the actuator. As the cartridge holder translates to ...

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A method of making a shaped cellulosic paper or paperboard, comprising the steps of:

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A method and apparatus is disclosed for independently displaying one of a plurality of images on a display and for superimposing the plurality of images onto one another to produce a composite image. One or more bit planes are selected to constitute a group (defined to be a "surface"), and one or mo ...

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The invention is a coupler for interconnecting the ends of two fluid conduits wherein the connectors are each mounted inwardly of the open end of respective cupped members; the cupped members telescope one over the other and one of them has a flared end to assist in the initial alignment of the tele ...