Meriaux Henri: Infusion device.. Meriaux Henri, March 20, 1985: EP0134745-A1 (70 worldwide citation)

This device consists of a capsule (2) made of a biocompatible material and intended to be implanted under the skin of the patient. It comprises a bottom part (3) into which there opens one end of a catheter (12) whose other end opens into a vein or other organ to be perfused, and a cover (4) which, ...

Kondo Takashi, Sakai Chikaaki, Karakawa Tadashi: The process for modifying animal fibers.. Kurashiki Boseki, March 20, 1985: EP0134267-A1 (56 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to the production of descaled animal fiber. The scale is effectively removed by oxidation of a surface of the animal fiber with an oxidizing reagent, following by treatment with a proteolytic enzyme in the presence of salt. The resulting animal fiber has excellent shrin ...

Smits Johannes Gerardus: Piezo-electrical micropump.. Vitafin, March 20, 1985: EP0134614-A1 (40 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a micropump (1) comprising at least two valves (10,12) and at least one displacing member (11), said valves and said displacing member being piezo-electrically controllable. A prior art pump of that type is based on a known principle, namely the use of an inlet-valve and an ...

Pfeifer Josef Dr: Layered material and its use.. Ciba-Geigy, March 20, 1985: EP0134752-A1 (39 worldwide citation)

Beschichtetes Material aus einem Träger auf dem eine strahlungsempfindliche aus einem Homo- oder Copolymer mit mindestens 5 Mol.-%, bezogen auf das Polymer, Struktureinheiten der Formel I worin R ein zweiwertiger aliphatischer Rest, der durch Heteroatome, aromatische, heterocyclische oder cycloaliph ...

Burli Martin Dr, Bersier Jacques Dr, Plattner Eric Prof Dr, Herrmann Hans Ulrich: Process for the preparation of benzanthrone.. Ciba-Geigy, March 20, 1985: EP0134753-A1 (37 worldwide citation)

Beschrieben wird ein Verfahren zur Herstellung von Benzanthron durch Umsetzen von Anthrachinon mit Glycerin und/oder Acrolein unter Verwendung von Anthron als Reduktionsmittel. Benzanthron ist ein wichtiges Zwischenprodukt für Farbstoffe und dient vor allem zur Herstellung von Küpenfarbstoffen.

Dresser David Wilson, Keeler Keith David: Milk Marketing Board, March 20, 1985: GB2145112-A (34 worldwide citation)

In a method for sorting spermatozoa, spermatozoa are stained with a fluorochrome dye. The fluorescence distribution of stained spermatozoa is complex: non-motile spermatozoa display a higher fluorescence than motile spermatozoa. The fluorescence profile of the motile spermatozoa is bimodal, and enab ...

Mcgurk John Gerard, Gilroy George Conway, Ross Alastair Roderick: Preparation of aerosol compositions. Sterwin, March 20, 1985: GB2145107-A (32 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to the preparation of aerosol compositions. The invention provides a method for the preparation of liposomes in which at least two separate components are brought together under pressure, a first component comprising water and a second component comprising a lipid material. The ...

Yoshida Akihiko, Nishino Atsushi, Tanahashi Ichiro, Takeuchi Yasuhiro, Ono Motoyoshi: Electric double layer capacitor and method for producing the same.. Matsushita Electric, March 20, 1985: EP0134706-A2 (32 worldwide citation)

An electric double layer capacitor having polarizable electrodes (106, 107) including activated carbon fibers which are fully activated and have a large specific surface area, and a method for making the same. Each of the polarizable electrodes is composed of an activated carbon element having a sur ...

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A subcutaneous peritoneal injection catheter apparatus (110) includes a receiving reservoir (118) having a relatively small internal volume while employing a penetrable membrane (140) and relatively enlarged target surface area. The reservoir (118) is interconnected with the peritoneal cavity by a h ...

Callaghan David T, Phipps Alan M: Antiperspirants. Gillette Co, March 20, 1985: GB2144992-A (30 worldwide citation)

A composition of zirconyl hydroxy chloride and aluminium chlorhydroxide in stable solid form having improved antiperspirant efficacy when dissolved in water is made by heating a 2-20% by weight aqueous solution of the composition at a temperature of at least 50 DEG C until the ratio of the height of ...